Retro sweet of the week

It’s time to make those Blue Monday feelings disappear, with our extra sunshiney Retro sweet of the week!

If you’re anything like us here at Chewbz HQ, then you’re already dreaming of the warmer months and jetting off on a well deserved holiday. Ahh…

This weeks sweet of choice takes us right back to the British seaside of summers gone by. So pull up a deckchair and leave your comment to win…

Candy Cones

Classic Candy Cones!

These have that iconic white chocolatey taste that we all remember. They really don’t make ’em like this anymore!

To get your hands on some sugar coated sunshine, then all you need to do is leave a comment on this post. Tell us why these will cheer up your January blues and the comment that makes us smile the most will win the sweets!

Just make sure you leave your comment before 9am next Monday the 23rd January :).

121 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. cheryl hadfield says:

    these will cheer me up, as they will remind me that in 5 months time i can enjoy a nice cornish ice cream on holiday on Cornwall.

  2. natalie white says:

    By eating these it will make me think of summer sat on a beach somewhere hot sunning myself putting the January blues to the back of my mind…

  3. Luana Bergin says:

    What better way to get rid of the blues than having a bag of sweets I’ve never had before, always brings a smile to your face 🙂

  4. Jean Bolsover says:

    Ah, icecream = summer, not cold winter. Just this has cheered me up, but of course i’d like to win the sweets as well!

  5. olivia kirby says:

    Oooh these are yummy and their ice cream fashioning may well trick the heart and mind into believing it’s a sunny Summer’s day and you haven’t a care in the world, instead of it being a grotty, cold, wet day and you’re no where near to paying off the Christmas debt 🙂

  6. Katherine says:

    Wether it’s winter, summer, spring or autumn I love love love these. They are like a white mouse but better!!!!!

  7. Lesley says:

    Do you know. I’m 53 and have never tried these! Can’t believe there’s a sweet out there I’ve never tasted. And since I live in freezing cold North Wales anything that makes me think of summer sunshine would be most welcome. 🙂

  8. sharon griffin says:

    pink and cream , a summertime dream. these remind me of sun and sand and walking along the seafront with a lovely icecream in my hand 😀

  9. audrey halliday says:

    Candy cones, pink and cream sunshine on a cold, freezing, winters day, just what I need to think summer is round the corner.

  10. victoria wilkes says:

    What better then some yummy ice cream sweeties on a cold wintery day 🙂 Well you cant really be having the real thing now can u? x

  11. Kelly Young says:

    Oh wow, these sweets bring back memories! They remind me when i was a little girl and my mum used to buy me 10p mix-ups!

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  13. Mel Chambers says:

    Eating these would remind me of ‘real’ summers when I was a kid, when the only thing that mattered was having fun and summer seemed to last forever

  14. Maya Russell says:

    January means getting out earlier to run the car and de-ice it – what a pain! I’d love a bag of Candy Cones to cheer me up.

  15. hayley andrews says:

    January – 2 cases of head lice, 1 sewer flood in garden, 1 grandparent in hospital, and a tickly cough just for me! would love some sweets to remind me of when I was young and had no cares in the world – ahhh heaven!

  16. Barry says:

    I wouldn’t get to eat them. I’d give them to my girlfriend – They will make her smile – and that will make me smile. Double whammy cheefulness.

  17. jenny marsh says:

    I am not drinking any booze, eating any sugar, or bread…or anything delicious for the whole of January and cannot think of anything better than stuffing these beauties into my mouth, one after the other, and feeling a whole lot better.

  18. laura banks says:

    gotta say would love to win these as ive never ever heard of them and would be lovely to try them

  19. Joanna Moran says:

    Ahhh I love those – they remind me of the white mice you used to get. My nan used to buy them for me when I was little! x:)

  20. tracey belcher says:

    Candy Cones on the beach
    Seems so far out of reach
    Dreamy days of Sun Sea and Sand
    With Candy Cones goes hand in hand
    Images of Great British Holiday Beaches
    Knotted Hanky’s and Beauties showing off their Peaches
    Stripy Deck chairs and a Donkey Ride
    Part of England’s National Pride
    Time to leave your gadgets and phones
    Go back to the days of Candy Cones

  21. Catherine Jones says:

    These fab sweets are so cute & tasty, they would really help get me through finishing my dissertation whilst listening to the wind & rain outside in the gloom… PLEASE!!! 🙂

  22. Ruth Dunkin says:

    Training for a muddy and challenging 10k run so these would be a fantastic energy boost to take on the route with me – and think how many friends I could make and help too!

  23. Victoria Ahmed says:

    I’m just going into my 9th week of No Smoking and its been a tough Journey but Im getting there and feeling good,these sweets would be a real treat for myself for kicking the habit 🙂

  24. Joshua Diblase says:

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  25. SIMONE LEE says:

    they look great its the seaside they remind me off as l used to live at the seaside when l was a kid great fun

  26. Sally Chaplin says:

    These will buy me at least an hour of peace and quiet when I use them to bribe the kids….I’ll keep a few for myself of course. Sweets like this remind me of my youth, when I was the one making all the noise!

  27. sarah mcilvenny says:

    These would cheer up my daughter as she’s just had a mouthful of braces fitted with a jaw retainer – poor kid, BUT she could suck these quite happily!!! :o)

  28. Francesca Harrod says:

    When I was little my mum told me these were beetles to stop me scoffing them. Rather than using eyes+brain to realise they weren’t infact beetles, I carried on scoffing them – with my eyes shut!!

  29. sami says:

    Love these sweets! Eating these tucked up in bed watching a movie will definitely cheer me up on these cold winter nights. I haven’t had them for ages but I sure still remember the taste!

  30. Dawn Roberts says:

    Ice-cream on a winters day
    too cold I hear you say
    But chocolate coloured pink and white
    is my chocoholic dream delight

  31. Kirsty Fox says:

    These will cheer me up as I have been ill with a nasty virus since before xmas and it has finally gone away, so I definitely need some of these to build my energy levels back up!

  32. Hannah Jeffery says:

    This will cheer me up no end because I’ve decided to sod the diet and just move to the moon instead! I won’t weigh a things up there!! (NASA still haven’t returned my calls…)

  33. Teresa Sheldon says:


  34. ali mckenzie says:

    the sun wont melt these as fast as ice cream , but they will melt my heart like a chocolate lovers dream

  35. Kathryn Casbolt says:

    These, and all your other yummy retro sweets, never fail to bring a smile to my face Each one triggers another childhood recollection that I had long since forgotten. Thanks so much for the memories Chewbz 🙂

  36. Teresa Measures says:

    These will cheer me u as they will make me remember the sweet shop when I was little, so much choice but these are always my favourite!

  37. Vicky Robinson says:

    Delicious! Reminds me of my childhood, going to the local sweet shop & getting a quarter (4oz) of sweets measured out from a jar off the shelf!

  38. Andrea Johnson says:

    They make me smile as they remind me of being a kid and going to the beach. Simpler times when sweets were sweets and not sugary lip gloss rubbish that costs two quid :O

  39. Julie Hogg says:

    Well if I win them I can say I will start my diet next Monday…. again, would put a smile on my kids faces if I won these 🙂

  40. Linda Guest says:

    The first time I met my husband to be I was 14 and he bought me a bag of these for us to eat in the cinema. The taste reminds me of the excitement of my first ever ‘date’ and the sweetness of my first ever kiss goodnight.

  41. jess says:

    What cheers me up is knowing i could win thease sweets lol 😀 just kidding what really make me happy in january is knowing that i have great friends and family and everytime i think of tht i smile 🙂

  42. sarah lee says:

    well my diet lasted all of 5 days and looking at those sweeties didnt help! So you have to give them to me now!

  43. Laura Pritchard says:

    They’d cheer me up as I have a ‘claw’ at the moment as I had a suspected blood clot in my finger & it hurts to use it!

  44. Angela Morgan says:

    As our poor cat has been run over so we need cheering up as a family (sad face) so we need sweeeets

  45. Lewis Pearce says:

    How best to beat my January Blues?
    Win a car, a boat or a pair of shoes.
    All of those I wouldn’t care to lose,
    If I won a pack of sweets from Chewbz!

  46. Kate O'Neill says:

    They’d cheer me up because quite frankly sweets are always guaranteed to cheer me up! I’m easy to please…

  47. Steve Sheppard says:

    Having supported Doncaster Rovers for half a century a bag of sweets would be a major difference from a bag of what I’ve been served up for most of those 50 those years!

  48. Lesley Facey says:

    These white chocolatey cones have such a good taste,
    I am sure they will go straight to my waist.
    Winter days seem far away
    As I am carried back to my childhood
    and summer seems not to far away

  49. Hazel Christopher says:

    I have S.A.D (seasonal affective disorder) I’m pretty sure these would help cure me! x

  50. Teresa Hewitt says:

    My dander is down
    And I’m wearing a frown
    My get-up-and-go
    Has gone very slow.
    Christmas was fab
    but I’ve put on some flab
    And now Jan is just grim
    specially now I’m not slim.
    Yes, I’m starting a diet!
    So please keep it quiet
    That I’m having a try
    To win sweets on the sly.

  51. Linda Davidson says:

    It reminds me of Summer back at home, and being from home for the first time and living at University this will remind to keep strong, keep going because at the end of the University year i’ll have a big long summer holiday to spend with my family!

  52. Jeremy Andrews says:

    After Christmas its all about loosing weight .. well thats boring.. January needs to be made more fun.. hand out the sweets.. let January be Sweetie month.. 🙂

  53. donna mcgahey says:

    id love these ,id happily ruin my newyear diet to munch on a bag of these yuuuummmmyyyyy just what you need to put you in the mood for spring/summer candy cones, a holiday brochure and a hugggeee lottery win (we can dream cant we) 🙂

  54. Karen Scott says:

    These remind me of sticky hands after taking as many as I could hold and then them all melting in my hands lol 🙁
    I’ve now got two children of my own with hands ready to get sticky 😉

  55. kelly o'neill says:

    My daughter Leah, who is nearly 10 will be going into a leg frame next month which she will be in for the next 8 months. she has never been able to wear normal shoes due to a disability so this frame means she’ll finally be able to wear the pretty girly shoes she’s never been able to before! she’s so exited but terrified at the same time … i think these sweets will cheer her up a bit, and she can save them for when she goes in for surgery 🙂

  56. jo maxted says:

    my little girls got chicken pox and even though her appetites gone at the moment im sure she’d eat some sweeties and you’d certainly turn her fronwy face into a smily one xx

  57. lorraine polley says:

    they taste as good as they look! and anything that reminds you of being young has gotta be good!!!

  58. jade says:

    Yummm, not only will they cheer me up but also my mum! will take her back to her childhood, we can enjoy these while will take about old times, plus this are so yummy!

  59. Kelly Portbury says:

    These will cheer me up as I’ve just had a baby and I’ve got a touch of the baby blues.

  60. vikki bradley says:

    These would cheer me up because were saving for our first mortgage and have had to give up doing/buying anything fun in order to save.

  61. ella webber says:

    Mum, Dad, Teenager, Tot,
    Sweets like yours please the lot!
    We’ve tried the rest,
    But YOURS are best!

  62. Sophie Foreman says:

    These sweets will cheer me up because they remind me of being on the beach, and who doesn’t love the beach! 🙂 Plus they look super yum!

  63. Claire says:

    These will cheer me up as I have had to give up smoking and drinking, SWEETS will NOT be given up !

  64. Amy White says:

    These will cheer me up as they’ll remind me of being a careless child in the sunshine, on the beach on the good ol’ English coast! 😀

  65. Louise Ross says:

    After having spent a whole week in with 3 boys (one 6 and 4 year old twins) with a sick and flu type bug and then getting it myself i think i need some cheering up. 🙂

  66. Kirsten devaney says:

    These would cheer me up and say goodbye to the January blues cause they are delicious, remind me of my forthcoming holiday in April and even though I’m on a diet, if you gave me a bag of them, I’d probably eat them anyway lol

  67. Becky Taylor says:

    Because I am on a diet but if i win chocolate then it doesn’t count – can eat them!!! Love these too

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