Sending retro sweets overseas!

Here at Chewbz HQ, we often get asked if we can post our retro sweet gifts to sweet-deprived friends and family abroad.

We all know that British sweets are best (even though this weeks Retro sweet of the week is in fact American!) so we’re always happy to help spread some sugary cheer the world over!

Our sweets can be sent almost anywhere, so if you know someone craving Black Jacks or in need of their Popping Candy fix, Chewbz may be able to help!

Of course, sending abroad will cost you a little more in delivery charges, but we will try our hardest to find you the best quote 🙂

Simply email us at for a quote. It’s also really helpful if you tell us what product you’d like, and where the sweets will be going, then our delivery experts can get back to you with some ideas.

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