Retro sweet of the week

Afternoon Chewbz fans! Fancy making your Monday a little bit sweeter? Well, here’s your chance to… by WINNING some proper tasty retro sweets :D.

If you’re a fan of us on Facebook (if not, er, why not?!) and saw our cheeky clue on Friday, then your mouth is sure to be watering at the thought of our classic choice.

Get ready to get transported back to the good ol’ days, as this week we can’t get enough of…



YUM. How good is chewing your way through a tasty tube of Chewits? We reckon these come pretty close to retro sweet heaven, and bet you always picked up a pack or two from the tuck shop too!

If you would like to win a few packs of these (we have Strawberry, Fruit Salad and Blackcurrant) then all you need to do is comment on this blog post, and tell us why you love Chewits. Don’t forget to tell us your favourite flavour too!

We will then have a little vote here at Chewbz HQ, and the favourite commenter will nab a stash of Chewits. So make sure your comment makes us smile :).

The competition closes next Monday the 26th March at 9am, so get posting!


This week, your comments were all so great, that we had to choose ten lucky winners!

Congratulations to Kelly O’Neill, John Meredith, Sharon Griffin, Tammi Brook, Ally, Elizabeth Smith, Rose, Scott Carruthers, Teresa Hewitt and Hayley Todd.

All winners have been emailed, so go check your inbox if you’ve not send us your address yet!

Thank you, thank you, thank you to everyone who entered and helped us spread the Chewit love!

kelly o’neill
John Meredith
sharon griffin
Tammi Brook
Elizabeth Smith
scott carruthers
Teresa Hewitt
Hayley Todd

139 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. kelly o'neill says:

    I think my daughter who is 10 deserves these sweets. She has spina bifida and is due an operation on her leg so she’ll be in a frame. Thing is there’s been a problem so her op has been bought forward. Which means we’ve had to cancel our holiday in June. She’s gutted! Please give her these sweets so I can be in her good books again (as its all my fault obviously. Lol)

  2. dee young says:

    blackcurrant are my favourite flavour ever. I remember when I was a child having competitions with my friends to see who could get the most chewits in our mouth. I still try it now sometimes when my kids have them!!

  3. carol leadbeater says:

    I love the fruit salad chewits, yummy yummy , well in fact any flavour love them all : )

  4. Izzy Wayman says:

    I aboslutley love the ice cream chewits along with all the others especilly straberry. I love chewits because they are a bit hard but soft at the same time. they are my favorite sweets ever and i deseve these sweets beause Im doing tests at school and I need some happiness in my life and these sweets will bring that to me!

  5. Sharky says:

    My favourite flavour is Blackcurrent. I used to try and eat a single chewit without actually chewing it. I always failed! If I win these I will relive my childhood and once again try and keep one in my mouth without chewing it.

  6. Gemma Kaye says:

    I love stramberry chewits bacause No fruit chew chews chewier!!!! .. Ahh these bring back memories!! 🙂

  7. Sarah Martin says:

    We were so upset when the chewits factory closed down in our area. My husband would love this prize so much. He loves bannana chewits and can’t find them anywhere, if you could find them it would make his day ( actually his year lol)

  8. Helen Keene says:

    Mmmm, I love chewits – all of them are delicious but fruit salad ones are my ultimate fave.

    I remember the dancing green Chewit dragon in the adverts and there was a song on the advert too (which is now stuck in my head!!) …

    “We like to Chew it Chewit, we like to chew it, Chewit!”

  9. Marie judd says:

    Decisions decisions – i think its gotta beBlackcurrant though i recent found “cola” flavoured and they were diivviiinnneee tooo. One packet is never enough though. Delliicciiooouuusssss

  10. John Meredith says:

    When I was younger,
    Along with my brother,
    We used to skip and hop,
    Down to the shop,
    Where we would find,
    Sweets that are one of a kind.

    There were blackjacks, fruit salads,
    Flying saucers and more,
    So much to choose from,
    In one little store,
    My favourite and you knew it,
    Has to be the chewit.

  11. Peter Galley says:

    You don’t need a permit, you don’t need to speak sanskrit, you really have to admit, there’s nothing like a chewit

  12. MARK THOMAS says:

    I find them very nostalgic , and take me back to my teenage years .
    My favourite has to be blackcurant flavour .

  13. Ashleigh says:

    Chewits were my favourite sweet
    One thing that I’d love eat
    Strawberry and Blackcurrent tasted great
    Fruit salad were the one I’d really rate

  14. Rebecca timms says:

    It has to be strawberry flavour! Chewits bring me straight back to being happy as a kid. My favourite nan always used to bring us them when she came to visit.
    Good times 🙂

  15. Daisy Bryan says:

    Wow, haven’t had chewits for years! My favourites were the ice-cream ones, they only did them for a while I think! Soooo yummy 🙂

  16. Kate AckrIll says:

    I love chewits, they instantly make me feel like an 8 years old, which is great especially when I’m nearly 30. Strawberry is defo my favourite. Mmmmmmm Strawberry Chewits….. (drool)

  17. Jonathan says:

    Chewits, now that takes me back! I can even remember the jingle from the advert. I think it went “you can chew-a-chew-a-chew-a-chew-a-chew-chew train”. How sad!

  18. Meryl Rees says:

    Ok, I can’t write poetry and I’m no use at clever catchphrases, but I must say I used to love the advert with King Kong eating that huge pack of chewits! Cook website Chewbz, glad I found you 🙂

  19. Alison Wakefield says:

    OMG I love them and always have and the thing I always remember with them is the advert that mentions Barrow In Furness and that was where I was born so very fond memories of a child when I see them

  20. Sally Hatton says:

    Strawberry Chewits every time. I adored them 30 years ago as much as I love them now.(and the packets haven’t got smaller like other confectionery).

  21. Jess Lloyd says:

    Absolutely in love with these little old sweets, especially the red ones. Although however had I try I struggle to share them so I eat them all really fast so I don’t have to!

  22. Sue Gale says:

    Loved the fruitiness of the Blackcurrant flavour remember trying to suck them to make the most of the flavour but losing out to chewing very quickly.They are one of the few childhood sweets memory hasn’t overegged and they still taste as good today as they did in my childhood of yore!!!!!

  23. sharon griffin says:

    My Nan and Grandad used to buy us chewits for long car journeys, think it was to keep us all quiet really 😉 i love the strawberry ones the best x

  24. Fran Haslam says:

    They remind me of my childhood. My grandma always had a packet for my sister and I 🙂

  25. Donna Hague says:

    i would love to share these sweets with my kids,ive always loved the flavour and remember the advert for them with King Kong up the tower with the chewits lol! xx

  26. Audrey van Rensburg says:

    I remember the Blackcurrant flavour, and the juiciness of it and they had a great smell too, they were so chewy and delicious that I’d have to keep my mouth shut tight otherwise I’d drool.

  27. Emily Seal says:

    I love fruit salad chewits 🙂 I remember as a kid getting all excited when my mum used to come back with a packet each for me & my sister and the way they made my mouth ooze of drool whenever I started chewing them 🙂 x

  28. Tammi Brook says:

    Chewits are the fabist chew around
    As a child they were always found
    Blackcurrant are the best
    Ice cream were yummy for a rest

    As a child i loved chewits when i nip to the shop i still look for them and treat myself once in a while. I have given up sweets chocolate crisps and all the yummy things for lent. I have my son home from college and my niece and nephew here for easter would be nice to share them…… well ok they can have a packet the rest are all mine!!!

  29. sarah clarkson says:

    Chewits are the best
    How i love to chew
    Everyone loves a chewy chewit
    Whereever you may be
    I love to chew
    Two at a time
    Strawberry is the best

  30. Susan Martin says:

    Oh Strawberry is my favorite
    When your are on parade stick one in your mouth and it keeps you on going.

  31. Amy says:

    I like to chewit, chewit, I like to chewit, chewit, I LIKE TO CHEW IT

    Fav flavour was the ice cream flavour they did

  32. Natalie Holland says:

    I love love LOVVVE the blackcurrant flavour, I also love strawberry. Definitely they bring back memories from childhood which make them all the more enjoyable. I love how juicy they actually are, much more than you’d expect. Yummy.

  33. emma bowen says:

    Has to be the fruit salad for me, reminds me of the days my mam worked in the shop and i used to annoy her untill she agreed to buy me some!!

  34. Vicki Sherman says:

    What is a Chewit??

    A Chewit is….
    Naughty but extremely nice
    Delicious strawberry will entice

    … cant help but chew a Chewit!

  35. Amanda Johnson says:

    I would say my favorites are the blackcurrent as they are the best ones as keeping my kids mouths quiet for at least 5 minutes lol

  36. John Kelly says:

    Fruit Salad for me. I used to love Chewits, I remember the great ads which had giant monster in them!

  37. jaycie french says:

    i luuurve fruit salad, always top of the list from the tuck shop at school. Just need my kids to be big enough to chew them so i can nick some!

  38. Lorna says:

    I loved this blog chewits are awesome & yummy! Live all flavours but fruitsalad my fav!!
    ‘ i like to chew’it chew’it
    i like to chew’it chew’it
    i like to.. CHEW’IT!!!!’ 🙂

  39. kirsty edgcumbe says:

    I love chewitz, my fav flavour of all time was the ice cream flavour remember those?? they were amazing!!! if i could find them i always had blackcurrent but i hated when u where a kid and had them in your pocket or held onto the packet to tightly for too long and all the paper stuck to the sweets lol! my brother if the paper ripped and left a bit would still eat them where as i would spend ages getting it off getting stickier and stickier lol! xxxxx

  40. Jean Bolsover says:

    Ice-cream flavour was my favourite, but it’s very rare to find these now. But never mind ‘cos there’s a few other flavours to chew my way through (keep me going for a while)!

  41. Margaret says:

    Strawberry are my favourite but i certainly wouldn’t turn down any other flavour as i love them all.
    They remind of me of when i was younger, always had them when i was little.
    They last longer than most other sweets & so juicy & tasty.

  42. gemma says:

    “I like to Chewit Chewit….I like to Chewit Chewit…….I like to Chewit Chewit…I like to………CHEWIT!” Reminds me of the cartoon add with the Dinosaur on double decker bus skates….oh the memories!

  43. Rosa says:

    I love chewits because everybody has a different favourite flavour which means they’re so easy to share with friends! My favourite is strawberry

  44. Julia says:

    Forgot: how to choose a particular taste – they’re all delicious, the language can be fun to swallow. I love Chewits. Tweeted!

  45. Rebecca Coyne says:

    mmmm love chewits! really take me back to when I was a kid. used to be able to go to the papershop and get 4 packs for 50p (bet you can’t do that now, don’t see them about as much now though) The orange ones were my favourite but used to love them all. Much nicer than Opal fruits any day

  46. Liesl says:

    Cannot think of anything clever to say, my mouth is watering at the thought of these and it’s hard to concentrate…. Abhhhhh salivating !!!

  47. carol stirmey says:

    My reason for loving it as clear as can be,the flavours are varied,and so apt for me,fruity and full,they are not dull

  48. ally says:

    I once had one of these stuck in my hair (some grubby little boy at school) which resulted in having to get my hair cut – didn’t hold a grudge though, still love em 🙂

  49. Kelly Hanson says:

    Chew it’s are iconic! Been munching on them since I was iddy biddy. Totally yumtastic 🙂

  50. Lisa Black says:

    Ohh my fav chewits are the fruit salid ones 🙂 yumm
    a chewit a day keeps my cravings away

  51. Jekaterina says:

    I aboslutley love the ice cream chewits, before going for a walk with son buy a pack and enjoy a walk twice!Unfortunately, very often one pack is not enough and have to wait for tomorrow.

  52. Catherine beckett says:

    Retro sweets are cool to eat
    So if your gonna do it
    Choose a chewit

    Forget the rest
    Ice creams the best
    So let me win
    And watch me grin!!!! 😀

  53. Gillian says:

    I like to chewit chewit, i like to chewit chewit, i like to chewit chewit, i like to….chewit

  54. Aimee merrill says:

    Chewit should keep me quiet for a while, My colleagues would be well happy that something has shut me up lol.

  55. Elizabeth Smith says:

    My parents were really strict about sweets and we were only allowed a small amount on sanctioned days. We were allowed one pack to take with us on holiday, and I always chose orange Chewits – so they are always associated in my mind with exciting times.
    I went on a school trip to France for a week when I was about 10/11. We’d all been told not to bring anything to eat, including sweets, and were given minimal pocket money daily. Needless to say we all smuggled bags of sweets onto the coach then wondered why we all felt sick and several ended up spending a rather long time in the toilet. Perhaps my parents were right!

  56. Rose says:

    Chewits were my favourite childhood sweets. I loved the orange ones and black currant ones the most! I even remember having the chewits pencil case at school!!

  57. scott carruthers says:

    Chewits were (and still are) my favourite sweet, just watched the ad you posted on fb for them, brought back memories of me as a kid, setting up my toys beside packs of chewits, and pretending i was the monster 🙂

  58. Eleanor powell says:

    Ice cream chewits are my favourite.
    They take me back to my youth….which seems a long way away now!

  59. EMMYN2 says:

    coz the teacher thinks im chewing gum…… and im not.

    oh wait… IM THE TEACHER NOW!! lol

  60. Emily N says:

    Chewits are the best I still remember them when being a lil kid now all grown up you still love them. My favourite one is the strawberry one omg its lush and has that mouth watering feeling 🙂 xxxx.

  61. Greig spencer says:

    chewits fruit salad mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  62. Teresa Hewitt says:

    I love Chewitts
    ‘cos my name is Hewitt
    What more can I say?
    Please send me some today!

    PS when I worked in a playgroup, some of the little kids couldn’t quite manage ‘Mrs Hewitt’ and I got quite used to answering to ‘Mrs Chewitt’.

  63. donna mcgahey says:

    i always had to squeeze the middle of chewits before eating em love the strawberry ones :O)

  64. Ian says:

    We are all kids at heart, and who of us can forget these sweeties that were around when we were really kids? Imagination and memories are wondrous things.
    My fave?—–strawberry!!

  65. Andrea Johnson says:

    I love chewits! So do my kids!!! Send us some please and we can Harry Hill style fight over them!

  66. Laura Carroll says:

    I love Chewits because they remind me of being younger and repeatedly singing the advert ‘I want to Chewit Chewit’ to everyone until I got told off!!

    I love the fruit salad ones, and I also used to love the incredible strawberry ice cream ones (I think that’s what they were called, although it might have been raspberry ripple!), but they were hardly ever available :'(

  67. Karen says:

    My favourite flavour is strawberry. I love their chewiness and nostaligic quality. I also used to love their adverts with the dinosaur

  68. rachael macinnis says:

    My son never stops talking from the min he gets up to the min he goes to bed but if I give him a packet of chewits I get a few mins peace and quiet x Therefore chewits are mums life savers (well for 5 mins) x

  69. Nathalie Taylor says:

    Love Chewits,when i was a kid, my Grandad always used to buy me a pack when he visited. Fruit salad were my favourite and still are to this day 🙂

  70. Hayley Todd says:

    I absolutely adore Chewits and have sat for ages trying to think of a witty memorable little quip to put in my comment, but in the end, thought I would just tell the basic honest truthful reason why I love Chewits and why they make me feel so sentimental. My gran was the best gran anyone in the world could ever dream off, she was a constant in my life and would always be there for you no matter what, she was a typical white haired lovely old lady. I was lucky in that she lived around the corner from me and I would see her every day, even when I was into my teens and early twenties I would still see her every day as she was just wonderful. She would always buy fizzy pop from the ‘pop man’ – you know the lovely fizzy pop that used to come in glass bottles!! And she would always make tons of cakes and pancakes. The other thing she would always have for us in her pantry was Chewits. I can even still see which shelf they were on and there would be packets and packets of all different flavours for us grandchildren to choose from. I would always choose strawberry or blackcurrant. It’s strange, but even thinking of Chewits transports me back into my gran’s house which I can see in minute detail, even the smells and sounds associated with her house and still see her beautiful smiling face. That is why I love Chewits so much.

  71. Vicky Louise Brett Robinson says:

    These were one my absolute favourites when I was a child! Absolutely adore the strawberry ones & I get them for my children too! I bribe them to do their chores & pay them in Chewits LOL!

  72. Linda Guest says:

    Blackcurrant is the taste for me
    But husband, he will disagree,
    Fruit salad! He will always cry
    But as I’m the one who shops, I buy
    BLACKCURRANT! he he he
    knowing he won’t share them, you see? 🙂

  73. Mel K says:

    I used to love chewits. I’m sure there were banana ones the were lovely! I can remember a big monkey and a packet of banana chewits (or it may have been a dream??)

  74. helen watson says:

    I remember as a kid stuffing 3 in my mouth at once all that lovely juicyness! My favourite flavour is orange but they did do a raspberry ripple as a limited edition once which was yummy too

  75. Adam says:

    I like the sound of chewits, I love anything blackcurrant so would like to give them a try 🙂

  76. Sarah Yates says:

    I love Strawberry Chewits remind me of being a child. I always tried to suck them to make them last longer but it never worked!

  77. Hannah Whitling says:

    Love chewits, takes me back to my childhood, sharing them with my brother. They’re really juicy sweets that are full of flavour, and i’d love to get my hands on the Fruit Salad flavoured ones

  78. Fiona Rennie says:

    Chewits always remember me of my childhood, my mum used to buy a pack of 4 on a Fri, this was our treat for the week. I always got the strawberry ones and my sisters had te fruit salad and blackcurrant ones. The orange ones got shared out lol

  79. JANE says:


  80. Debbie Preston says:

    I love Chewits cos they’ve stood the test of time & they ooze fruity flavours. Blackcurrant is my favourite.They remind me of my childhood and when my son was 7 or 8 – about 10 years ago – he won his height in Chewits!

  81. Champaklal Lad says:

    They are so fruity and very sweet.
    They are so juicy and full of flavour.
    My favourite is strawberry flavour.

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