Is your Mum the sweetest?

Mother’s Day is fast approaching (Sunday 18th March if you’d forgotten ;)) and we think it’s time you showed your Mum just how sweet she really is.

Here at Chewbz we believe that Mums are just amazing, so we’re launching an extra special competition and giving you the chance to show yours just how much she means to you.

Here’s your chance to WIN one of our brand new, Extra Special Large Titled Jars for your lovely Mum.

Extra Special Large Titled Jar

Mmm, Chocolate Limes are always a winner with Mums! What would you choose?

With a choice of over 40 delicious retro sweets, you can really spoil Mum’s sweet tooth with her favourite sugary delight.

All you need to do to enter is simply tell us why you think your Mum deserves one of these jars. We’d also love to know which sweets you’d choose!

Leave your entry on a comment on this post, and our favourite will win the sweets for their Mum. We can either post the sweets to you, or send them straight to Mum’s door!

The closing date for the competition is next Wednesday, the 14th March at 9am so that we can send the sweets out in time for Mother’s Day. We will then contact the winner that morning via email, and also announce on the blog, so do keep an eye on your inboxes!

You can see our full page of Mother’s Day suggestions here.

Best of luck retro sweet fans!


Wow, all of these comments are so great. Thank you all for putting such effort into winning some sweets for your well deserving Mums!

We could only choose one winner though, and we have finally decided on…

Rebecca Coyne for her brilliant poem which we really, really loved. Congratulations Rebecca, an email is on its way out to you now!

PLUS, because we found it so hard to choose between all your entries, we would like to offer you all a little something sweet. We will be sending a free bag of sweets out to everyone that entered. Check your inboxes as we will email you all later today.

Thanks again for taking the time to write all these brilliant comments. We hope all your Mums, Mothers-In-Law and Wives have an amazing day this weekend!

11 thoughts on “Is your Mum the sweetest?

  1. sarah Clarkson says:

    I think my Mum is the best because for 32 years she has done eveything for everyone and has never put herself first. She has spent so long doing everything for everyone else that now she is starting to have some time to herself she has no idea what she likes doing anymore so i think some nice humbugs would be lovely for her so she can sit down whiles sucking on her humbugs and think about who she is now as a person and not just a mum.

  2. Emily says:

    It only just seemed like yesterday I was waiting for my operation. I remember almost all of it but not some parts just like a dream when you wake up you cant remember most of it. I walked into hospital and the ward seemed big and scary, I remember saying bye to my mum and brother seeing them walking away making me more nervous about tomorrow. That night I didn’t get much sleep I was too scared about what was going to happen tomorrow was about to change my life. As the morning drew by I was there sat up waiting for my mum to come in… Just looking into space thinking of what might happen or what might not. Finally when she came in the whole room lit up and my heart slowed down, My brother was there too for support I don’t blame him I would have done the same for him! I remember them saying my op was at 2.. I was panicking waiting.. Then they came and said to just go down for the operation now I got so nervous my heart was racing more than a leopard chasing after its pray. They took me onto the bed I was too nervous to lye down so I just sat up. I admit I was crying because I was so nervous about it I remember looking back to see if my mum was there. I got to the anesthetic room being poked with needles they coulden’t find any where to place it, It hurt… So instead I had gas to set me off to sleep. It felt like 2 minutes for the operation but it was actually 4 hours. I woke up and my head felt weird as though there was a big pile of books being stacked onto my head. I didn’t open my eyes yet though I gave my mum a squeeze on the hand saying that everything was going to be alright. Hours passed by and coulden’t stop being sick. I can’t remember much from that bit and it took ages for the anesthetic to get out of my body. So days passed and I finally became myself again, As some would call it ‘Cheeky’ Then weeks passed by and I started calling that place ‘Home’ I had lots of visits from friends, family, Bestfriends:D But you know what’s funny what I had missed the most? My dog, It may seem dumb to you but I have a bond with her I wouldent know what to do without her! Across the room was a family a very special one aswell! One that you coulden’t replace for the world, Ethans family! Ethan aka Rango;) Was like a little brother to me, We played loads of pranks on the nurses, And halloween was the best night ever just throwing stuff at them:D And that spider in the nurses crisp packet was genius Eth! I coulden’t have done any better myself! I remember when there was Sandra, Beckyy, You, Me, And Josh, Well… I think we cause trouble together with those balloons! That was one of the best memorys ever we laughed and sang on them, I remember Josh telling me that everyone was looking at us but we didn’t have a care in the world we were having fun! Then more days past by and my friends came to visit me! They cheered my days up by (Not literally now) Making me pee myself laughing, Oh and that Uno game Cait, Me And beth went mad on it just kept pressing the button and the cards kept going everywhere haha! And the other beth came in I can’t thank you guys enough I would have been so bored without you! More days passed by and the doctor came down and said the operation haden’t work… It felt like the whole world just ended right there, Because I knew I wouldent have as much movement in my neck anymore, I knew that I can’t go on rollercoasters for the rest of my life, I knew I woulden’t just be normal… Once again I had my second operation but I wasen’t sick after this one luckily. I remember that my sister kept coming to visit me I love her so muchhhh she means the world to me, Laura, Im so lucky to have you, Without you i’d be lost I would be bored. You mean so lot to me and I love you so so so so sooooo much! Back onto the second operation Everyone came to visit me and I got better. I remember and always will remember this. The first day I walked in a month. The physios came along and asked me if I wanted to try and ofcourse I said yes I wanted to go home! So They helped me up and then I took my very first step in a month my mum was so proud of me she started to cry I remember how my ankles felt so stiff that it felt like it was impossible to walk but I did it! I started walking abit more to the corridor and so on and that was it I could walk!!! So then the doctor let me go home but then I have fluid in my back so I had to go back into hospital but that could be all sorted! So this is the end of this status now.. I hope it means alot to you than it does with me. Lastly I’d like to tag amazing people who helped me get through this! Beth Beth Caitlin Sian Linda Imogen (Thank you so much for having Nina!)
    Sandra Becky, Ethan, Laura, Nan!!(Even though you dont have fb thankyou!) (Sorry if I forgotten your names these were just the main people who did main things and that!)
    Okay now for two very special people who I saved for last. Josh Williams Your my brother no actually forget that Your my amazing brother, You came in to see me always you took me down the corridor in my wheel chair when I got bored, You played uno with me you kept me laughing and you didn’t make me worry about a thing thankyouuuu♥♥♥ And now. Jayne Williams…. I love you so much mum! You’ve been with me through the highs and low, Thick and thin. I can’t thank you enough for being my mother your the best mum in the world and don’t you forget that!! Your beautiful inside and outside you kept me entertained when you came in I cant thank you enough your A.M.A.Z.I.N.G.! Mum your special to me and I promise me and you we’ll get through this … Together♥

    She loves Rosy Apples.

  3. Rebecca Coyne says:

    I think my mum deserves a jar of sweets
    She rarely has time to enjoy some treats.
    For everyone else she rushes around
    Working herself into the ground.
    She bought us three up mostly alone
    But she always smiled, with rarely a moan.
    Always there with a comforting word or a hug
    Or a nice steaming hot chocolate bought in a mug.
    She works long hours, all of the days
    But is still supporting us all in different ways.
    But the reason this year I’d like some sweet cheer for my mum
    Is to bring her a smile as she’s feeling a bit glum.
    Her jobs no longer safe, she’s stressed with it all
    And at same time supporting my nan through cancer, its tough for us all.
    But my mum is so strong, she takes it all in her stride
    So I’d send her some fruit salad and black jacks to give her a smile she cant hide.

  4. kirstine meredith says:

    Mum life has been tough on you
    Somehow you have pulled through
    I know you have days good and bad
    Other things I know make you mad
    You are there for us through thick or thin
    On those darkest days you manage to make us grin
    Mum you are everything I hope to be
    Strong determined and always happy
    Dad and Sianne I am sure are looking down
    They want to see you smile never a frown
    I know this mothers day will be tough
    I am sure there are times when you have had enough
    Mum I want to say this to you
    Be it with a flump or a flying saucer or two
    We all love you so very much!!!!

  5. Patricia Morgan says:

    My mum is the sweetest because she is the most amazing, wonderful, kindest, caring, loving, selfless, inspirational, best friend,beautiful, perfect,generous, star, one in a million who I love more than words can ever say. She is my world and I would be nothing without her!

  6. Katie Mackenzie says:

    I think my mum deserves them as she has a sweet heart, she has been wonderful to me & my 2 kids. Always there for me even when she was going threw chemotherapy I tried not to bother her threw that difficult time but she sain NO Katie you come for your dinner with the kids she even visited me in hospital while she was I’ll, thankfully she is fine now but unfortunately she now has to look after my father as he is now ill, yes everyone loves there mum & we want to give back all the love she gave to us. I would love to see my mothers face if a whole jar of sweets arrived I’d get them sent to her if I’m lucky & that gives me a great excuse to pop in just to see her face, my mum likes the old retro kola cubes & pineapple chunks that’s what id choose a old fashioned sweet… Oh and she has great clothes I borrow 😉 x x

  7. Enma Burch says:

    My mum deserves to win some sweets as this year she has been a mum for 40 years and a grandmother for 17 years and now has 11 grandchildren. I think she deserves a sweet treat of her favourite confectionary which is flying saucers!

  8. Mike clarkson says:

    I would of loved to have won this for my mum as she was the best mum after all we only get one mum and probably never appreciate how much they do for us until they r not here anymore. Thankfully I am now married and have a very good mother in law who could never rePlace my mum but is a very thoughtful kind hearted generous lady who always puts everyone before herself. She works hard for a living and for her family and I would love to be able to win this for her to show her how much we all appreciate her. Likewise tho her daughter, my wife is an absolutely amazing mum to our boys and also deserves to win as just like her mum always puts everyone first n never makes time for herself. With two women who are equally as generous and kind and thoughtful as each other I can’t choose a best mum as my wife is like she is due to having such great parents and our children are honest caring kind children thanks to my wife bringing them up so well. I will leave it up to you to choose who u think sounds the best mum. My mum in laws favourite are humbugs and my wife just loves most sweets hehe.

  9. Michael Ward says:

    This competition should be about positives, after all if you were to receive a jar of sweets, I know for a fact my day would instantly become that bit brighter as they are just a simple thing in life that brings back memories or makes you feel like a happy child again, especially if it’s a surprise, so firstly here are the reasons why my mum has the “jar of sweets” effect (in a weird way)

    She knows how to have a laugh and embarrass me (making me go red faced when she thinks there’s a girl I might like nearby by specifically going: “ooo do you like her then?”
    She’s not afraid to extend this to my mates if they make any “your mum” jokes!

    She won’t be boring or mundane, she always has the buzz to say: “lets have a go on the wii, watch me fail on this hula hoop game” or even just making a race to the lounge for the comfy chair.

    However, life can’t always be sweet filled: unfortunately our family has been through a nightmare through the first couple of months of this year with illness, divorce and two very sad passings, one of which being my mum’s father who lived with us.
    Now it is currently me, my mum and my grandma (mum’s mum). She’s been so strong for all of us, organising the funeral, answering the phone as my grandma isn’t up to it, constantly picking me up from university as obviously under these circumstances we need to stick together.

    Anyway, not evenm just now but she’s always looking after us, constantly running round, if she’s not helping our direct family it’ll be more distant relations or friends, and so she really does deserve something nice.

    Plus my mum is so unselfish: she insists not to get her anything for mothers day, a card if I want, but she said she’d be annoyed if I bought her anything… technically if I won her something she can’t be annoyed. That and it would be a secondary gift for my grandma too as she is another wonderful woman I have the pleasure of having in my life.

    They would both love anything to be honest, but if I had to select a favourite (and something I may be able to resist eating myself, as it is a mothers day gift after all): bananas / blackjacks & fruit salads / pear drops / rhubarbs and custards / wine gums…. I don’t really know.

    I’d be really grateful if my mum were selected, as although everyone thinks their mum is special, I really believe that my mum deserves just that little extra something nice and this would just be a really sweet touch (I didn’t intend the pun but oh well)

    Many thanks for the competition once more 🙂

  10. mike clarkson says:

    I would of loved to have won this for my mum if she had still been alive as she was the best mum by far and i dont think we realise how important they are to us till they are gone. luckly i am now married and have an amazing mother in law. she is a lovely lady to always puts everyone else before herself and never thinks of herself. she works hard for a living and for her family and i would love to win this to show her how much she is really appreciated. But on the same hand i would love to win this for my wife on behalf of our boys as she is an amazing mum who just like her mum always puts everyone first. my wife is living proof that it comes down to how you are brought up and i truely believe our children are going to be the better behaved part of society due to fantastic parenting from my wife that has been learnt for her mum well and dad. Mums work very hard and there fore any mum deserves to win this prise they are all the best. My mum in law loves humbugs and my wife loves sweets of all kinds hehe i will leave it up to you to decide as they are both winners to me

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