Retro sweet of the week!

This week we’ve got an extra special Retro sweet of the week treat, to brighten up your Monday…

For one week only, EVERYONE that comments will receive a sweet in the post!

This week, its the turn of…



All that squishy marshmallowy goodness, twisted and twirled together, is instant happiness inducing heaven.

The Flump is one of our favourite retro sweets and, take it from us, a great afternoon treat!

If you’d like to receive your very own Flump in the post, all you need to do is leave a comment, telling us why you love Flumps!

Then just send us over your postal address, to, and we’ll get a marshmallowy treat sent your way 🙂

What better way to sweeten up your Monday?

50 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Sarah Pritchett says:

    I love flumps – they taste amazing and were always the one sweet I’d hate to share when I was a child! They are greay for big and small kids – the only problem is knowing when to stop as they’re so yummy!

  2. Alison says:

    I have fond memories of Flumps… mainly because when I was a kid I’d get 50p for doing a chore or whatever, and I’d go to the shops and pick up my 10p sweets, which of course included the Flump! (sometimse a couple…) I liked to try and peel the different colours off one by one but it never worked. I’d just eat it. 🙂

  3. Kevin says:

    Gotta love a flump! We used to compete to see who could stretch them the furthest without breaking them. 😀

  4. Goriami says:

    I actually still love these, and still eat them buy eating each colour of the flumpy twist individually! Yum yum!!

  5. Laura says:

    I really dislike them! My children get them as a special treat, usually just at Xmas, lol. I’m a wicked mummy 🙂

  6. becky says:

    wow i love flumps esp the long ones and my doggy loves them too which i fink is a bit strange!!!

  7. tisjou says:

    Yuck don’t like flumps! I must right this now or my 2 kids will want me to write something like we love flumps because there squuiggy and we love them! Mum can you buy us some!

  8. Rick Barton says:

    Flumps, what can i say. Do you know how these evil sweets are made? click on this link

    yes thats correct, poor little Posie, Perkin and Pootle are put in a blender to extract their lovelyness and then turned into miles of soft yummy sugary goodness :O( i just cant listen to that haunting theme tune, played on the flumpet, without shedding a tear for those little guys. When all said and done they certainly are one of the sweets capable of giving a grown man a world class sugar rush :O)

  9. clair hainworth says:

    my 5 yr old daughter absolutely loves flumps shes loved them 4 ages & calls them lumps.

  10. Amy King says:

    Oooooooooh good old flumps eh?!
    I talked about them in my English mock exam, I didn’t know what ‘flumpence’ meant and thus I went with the obvious… Thinking it was something to do with flumps….and had a good old rant, teacher found it hilarious!! Good thing it was only a mock!!!

    Truly a classic treat. Flump, you will forever be in my heart, you yummy squishy sugary nom nom.

  11. Stacey says:

    mmmm love flumps. my daughter always buys one from the tuck shop at her sports training and i always pinch it heheheh evil mummy!

  12. Robin Corps says:

    Ahh man, I used to love these! It’s like marshmallow blended with awesome. They were a staple part of my daily diet. On my way home from school I always used to pop into the local corner shop and pick up some sweets and invariably a Flump was one of them. It’s a shame they’ve turned the corner shop into a hairdresser now.

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  14. zoe says:

    i love flumps as they take me back to my childhood, my little boy also loves them

    they are flumptastic

  15. Gemma says:

    I love flumps. They’re like a mallowy party in your mouth and everyone’s invited! We love them so much we’re even going to have them at our wedding!

  16. Christina Curtis says:

    I love Flumps! Infact the nickname would be pretty fitting for me aswell! Yum Yum. Only just found your website..but i LOVE IT!!

  17. Gemma Harrison says:

    I love flumps and when I was pregnant I ate hundreds of them, flumps seemed to ease my morning sickness.

  18. Janet says:

    I love flumpsnow and loved them when I was young, soo many childhood memories, easy to eat at the cinema, the lovely colours always made me feel happy, yummy yummy

  19. Ed :) says:

    wow…. flumps are just out of this world,
    the amazing thing about them is the only word i can think of to describe them is flumpy!!
    yum 🙂

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  21. mrs jenny dixon says:

    hi i used to remember these sweeets as i had them when i was a child,i am now 46 and i still remember sherbart dips plus fruit salads.

  22. shona says:

    I LOVE MARSHMALLOWS AND out of ALL the forms you can get em in..Flump bars DEFIITLY MY FAV!! LOVE EM

  23. maria says:

    Dunk a Flump in your hot choc and go to retro heaven! or sandwich your Flump between two choc biscuits – couple mins in warm oven, squishy flumpy lumpy choccie biccie! mmmmmm!

  24. dawn says:

    i loooooooooooooove flumps they take me back to my childhoods days they are soft and great and fun to eat

  25. Xavier Simonetty says:

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  26. Ken Rossey says:

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