Retro sweet of the week

We reckon everyone deserves a little bit of sugar coated happiness this week, so we’ve picked this retro sweet to bring you just that :D.

This weeks Retro sweet of the week is…

Rainbow Drops

Rainbow Drops!

These multicoloured packets of puffed rice are a popular choice here at Chewbz HQ. Don’t they just fill you with sweet memories?!

So simple yet so yummy, Rainbow Drops are up there with our most iconic retro sweets ever.

Fancy winning some?

All you need to do is leave a comment on this post, and tell us why you love Rainbow Drops!

Maybe you’re lucky enough to be enjoying 6 weeks off school right now, or maybe these take you back to sweet summer holidays gone by?

Just make sure you leave your comment before 9am next Monday, the 15th August and you could win some Rainbow Drops!

Our favourite comment wins the sweets.  If you’re a lucky winner, we will drop you an email :).

61 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week

  1. carla maloney says:

    Ive loved rainbow drops since i was kid and still love them now. When i was young and my dad took my sister to brownies, i would kick up such a stink that he would direct me to the sweet shop and buy me rainbow drops 🙂

  2. Chiao Lee says:

    The weather here in the UK isn’t at all good, but I’ve got something that will definitely perk things up a bit:

    Rainbow drops has fallen from the sky,
    So me and you would want a try.
    Indigo, violet, green and blue,
    Red and orange and yellow too!
    Something sweet has truly been made,
    Memories of the past will never fade.
    Rainbow, a combination of british weather,
    Rainy days, then a glimpse of summer.
    I’ll teach my children what these truly are,
    Rainbow drops, what a star!

    This is definitely something unique, fallen from heaven for the whole world to enjoy…

  3. sharon griffin says:

    They Melt on my tongue like colourful snowflakes, sweet and delectable rainbow delights. A handful of happiness to brighten my day, pretty, tasty and delicious little bites x

  4. Gemma Harrison says:

    I love rainbow drops, so delicious. I had a pet mouse a few years ago and he got really ill and had to have medicine (1 drop 3 times a day). The only way I could get him to take the medicine was to soak a rainbow drop in it and then feed it to him.

  5. Sue Maben says:

    I have a very funny recollection of these.We had run out of Rice Krispies for the kids breakfast but i had these in the cupboard for their snack boxes.I came down to find them breakfasting on these as if they were the cereal.Yes they did snap crackle and pop too,needless to say the kids preferred Rainbow Krispies as they became known to the others for breakfast.I still love them and so do the “kids” now,43,39,35,and 29,we are all still kids at heart when it comes to Rainbow Drops.

  6. tony says:

    I used to love Rainbow Drops! not had or even seen them for years! they really are a very bright, small yummy sweet, which can’t fail but to bring a smile to your face.

  7. Karen says:

    I always went to my Grandmas and Grandads house to sleep over every Friday night. In the “Front Room” as Grandma called it there was the biggest clock on the sideboard you’ve ever seen. My Grandma used to make me wait to see what treat she had bought me that week, I was always thrilled when it was Rainbow drops. I used to play a game on Grandads yellow formica topped table sorting the colours and counting them. Oh Happy days :0)

  8. Sarah Laycock says:

    Who wants some Rainbow
    ‘Me’, they all cry
    Diverting their attention
    Is as easy as pie
    Switch on the Tele
    There’s Bungle and George
    Just don’t look behind you
    I’m having my gorge!

  9. Ruth Newport says:

    Rainbow drops remind me of christmas as I always got a bag in my christmas stocking every year. Happy memories 🙂

  10. JoC says:

    These would be great sprinkled on vanilla ice-cream at a summer retro party…might just be an excuse to throw one if I need it 😉

  11. JILLY C says:

    Rainbow drops the retro treat
    so sweet and light but you have to repeat
    the taste on your tongue the visual treat
    Please pick me so I can reminisce and stay upbeat

  12. alex says:

    me and my brothers used to attmept to con my mum and dad into thinking this was cereal and buy some from the local shop stash them away and then every morning attempt to have them with milk . Unfortunatly didn’t work ,however meant we always had them in our lunchboxs , loved how you always thought the orange ones tasted different.

  13. Calley Bryson says:

    Rainbow drops are so yummy and when the kids inevitably drop half the bag on the floor they go up the hoover without any fuss, smell or sticking to the sides!!!

  14. Gemma Bartlett says:

    Oh my! These are by far, my best child hood sweet! I used to love to eat the biggest puffs of rice, just for the crunch, then the sweet delicious test…Mm that’s making my mouth water. I haven’t had a Rainbow Drop in years, but I remember the taste like it was yesterday.

  15. Hel Jones says:

    I remember rainbow drops taking ages to eat…. so I bought some for my children the other day…. kept them quiet for ages! 🙂

  16. stacey owen says:

    I love rainbow drops purely for the fact it take me back to when i was at school and they were small enough to conseal in your pocket and could sneek one in your mouth just as the teacher wasnt looking and there was no need for chewing because they just melted in your mouth… mmmmmm

  17. Pete A says:

    They seem to be the only sweets whose bag is bigger than when I was a kid?! For that rainbow drops I salute you!

  18. lesley hamilton says:

    love these
    a mouthful has to go in and running them over your tongue to get at all the sugar mmm

  19. sharon Batten says:

    They take me right back to being a child – getting them for a treat on a Saturday afternoon – they’d be gone by Saturday evening, ready to sit down and watch the Generation Game as a treat. What memories!

  20. Marian Coburn says:

    My son loves these and will happily eat a packet a day! I love them too because they were always quite cheap to buy when I was a kid. I loved the fact that you got a big bag for not too much money and I could make them last for AGES by eating them one at a time… I also used to play a game with my friends where we would close our eyes and eat one and then try to guess what colour it was! So much yumminess and fun for 5p!!

  21. Lisa Brannagan says:

    Yummy! They remind me of being a child and going to the shops with my friends to buy some!

  22. helen cruse says:

    Am feeling my age this week, and my “baby” boy just left for Uni for 9 months abroad…. To win some of these, I’ll lay in the garden outside, and bury my head in the bag, sniff in the smell and I’ll believe I’m 10 again, with not a care in the world, other that how itchy my Bay City Roller Trousers are!

  23. tracy grieve says:

    i buy them for me but my son always ends up with them for some reason cause i can never remember giving them to him, so if won these i would hide them from all and indulge in them for myself nom nom nom

  24. Sharon Walker says:

    After Sunday School we used to call in at a little old fashioned sweet shop and buy these to eat on our way home.

  25. jane steels says:

    I’ve loved them since I was a kid, now I share a packet with my grandson. I would share the prize with him too if I win.

  26. Josh says:

    These are like literally my all time favourite sweet! I live, breath and dream these things! So colourful and sweet, yet so unfillign you can just eat them allll day =D

  27. Abigail Craig says:

    They are tasty but the very best thing is the fact that there are no calories! I can have it at anytime and not feel guilty – perfect 😀

  28. Caroline French says:

    I remember going up the the camp site shop every saturday morning with my mum while she cleaned the caravans for the next arrivals and i would spend all my pocket money on Rainbow Drops! Then when i was pregnant many many years later i absolutely became addicted to them and would send my husband out at all hours to hunt some down (which was easier said than done!)Would love to see his face if i won some 🙂

  29. Rick Smith says:

    Rainbow drops are like little angels from heaven. My nan would always get them for me and my brothers when a rainbow was out. She’d say they would bring us luck.

  30. jane says:

    I’m sorry I don’t have a poem today!
    But I love rainbow drops so much! I take them to the cinema instead of popcorn and my kids have them as a saturday treat! They remind me so much of my child hood too as my granny used to buy them for me. yum yum!

  31. Amy C says:

    Rainbow drops, or as they’re known in my house, Raindrow Bops, used to be my favourite sweet! It would look odd if I bought them now but I’d love a pack. 🙂

  32. Pearl says:

    I love Rainbow Drops because they remind me of being about 8 or 9 years old and being allowed to go to the sweet shop on my own after school…I used to get Rainbow Drops because my mum didn’t like them so she wouldn’t nick them off me!

  33. Jo Boyd says:

    They’re so melty yummy that you hardly notice your eating them apart from the scrummy taste. You could almost convince yorself they have zero calories!

  34. stephen george wroot says:

    ive just quit smoking and believe it or not these really helped instead of smoking i just ate rainbow drops 1 a t a time and because they arnt full of fat i didnt put on any weight – always good and ive now been 3 months without a cig

  35. karen jones says:

    yum yum yum what more can i say love them when i was 3 still love them at 23. Have got the kids loving then to.

  36. alice white says:

    Yummy Rainbow Drops make my tounge drop i cant wait to eat them yummy yummy make the sky look colourfully funny !! x 🙂

  37. nicola barter says:

    Used to spend ages sorting these in to colours then eating in the order i liked them the best!! think they all tasted the same but i was convinced each one was a different flavour!!

  38. Rebecca Denyer says:

    Rainbow Drops remind me of being 10 years old and being allowed to finally go to the shop on my own on a Sunday morning to get the papers for my Dad, there was always enough change to be able to buy one bag and i used to eat them as i walked home

  39. Binky says:

    Oh my I remember my girls using these as money in their play shop, each colour was a different amount. They had it all wrote down in a little book. Will have to see if its still on their shelves, even though they have now bothh grown up and left home.
    They never let their brothers play shop with them as they kept eating the “money” LOL. My girls had so many hours of fun with their rainbow drops.
    Would love to win this as we are all getting together for my grandsons first birthday and these would be great as a memory jogger for them all.
    Fab competition. Many thanks X

  40. Holly Green says:

    Because in these days of political correctness, superfoods and carbon footprints, it’s nice to just escape and eat a rainbow. Plus, they make nice cereal.

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