Retro sweet of the week!

There’s no need to have the back to work blues, as it’s giveaways galore today at Chewbz HQ!

First we announced the lucky winner of 11kg’s of brilliant boiled sweets, then we choose five lucky people to get their hands on some Anglo Bubbly and now we’re giving you another chance to WIN some retro sweets!

After the popularity of Wham Bars and Anglo Bubbly, we thought you’d like to try and get your hands on another retro favourite…

Double Lollies

Double Lollies!

These are one of our all time favourite lollies, and we bet you all have sweet childhood memories of these too! You either tried to scrape at them with your teeth, or just sucked the two chalky layers until it was all gone.

Double Lollies have actually be around since the 1930’s 😮 and now they seem to come complete with either pictures of people or monsters on the wrappers!

If you’d like to WIN a bunch of Double Lollies, then simply leave a comment on this post. Tell us what you think of this weeks Retro sweet of the week, do you love or hate these lollies? Were these a sweet part of your childhood?

Comments need to be received by 9am next Monday 9th May to be entered :).

170 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Dawn says:

    These were a childhood favourite which my friends and I used to buy from the ice cream van at school! I always wanted the ones with the pinky top – they were the best!! I still couldn’t tell you what flavour they actually are?

  2. Keith C says:

    Double lollies! I’ve had some gladtorial tussles with these beauties over the years! I always liked to get them off their sticks asap (to suck them to death in school lessons without the rather telltale stick evidence!), but blimey did they put up a fight!

  3. nadia says:

    I LOVED these!! I remember sucking them off the stick but they do make your mouth feel rough for a while!

  4. Claire says:

    I used to love these haven’t seen them around for ages, have to disagree with Dawn the green and yellow ones were best

  5. Jo McPherson says:

    These were my favourite lollies – the ones with the purple on them were best. Brings back happy memories !

  6. Hayley says:

    I love these, I used to suck them for a while and then bite of the top half, eat that, then eat the bottom half! yummy

  7. lucy carthew says:

    These are my favorite sweets in the world!! I love the way it rips the top of your mouth off:)

  8. Tracy Nixon says:

    I remember buying these lollies with some sherbet – those were the days when calories didnt matter!!! I used to try and sit at the back of class so I could get away with sucking lollies during lessons lol!

  9. Catherine O says:

    I was never allowed these as a child, but whenever we went to mu Aunties house, she would give us 10p to go to the corner shop and i would always pick up one of these (obviously these were the days of being able to get quite a lot for 10p!)

  10. donna bakewell says:

    mmmmm one of my fave sweets from my childhood!!!! my dad used to buy me these and a bag of kalai to dip them in YUMMY!!!!!!!

  11. TINA CORDER says:

    I remember these lollies they were such good value because they lasted so long. My Dad used to call them chalk lollies because he said that was what they look like. Now I give them to my daughters.

  12. Richard Sutherland says:

    Loved these – suck them for a bit then crunch them for a sugar rush

  13. Cheryl Seddon says:

    I used to love these – used to try and make it last but always ended up crunching it! 🙂

  14. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I used to LOVE these! I used to sneak off to The Chocolate Box before School and buy these – they were yummy!

  15. charlotte says:

    I love theselollies. When we were small and wouls have summer family hols to the seaside my Dad would buy us each one a day as a special treat. We used to see which one of us could make it last longest!

  16. James Child says:

    I used to LOVEEEE these double lollies when I was younger . I used to go everyday on my bike after school to the local sweet shop and get a bag full……love them

  17. Sheila Sefton says:

    Can’t remember what they tasted like so it would be nice to win them and check!

  18. Winifred Davidson says:

    The only difficulty with these lollies was deciding which was my favourite.

  19. heather gutowski says:

    I loved these lollies. Didn’t know you could still buy them. Think I will go down memory lane and treat myself.

  20. linda curtis says:

    cant beat the older sweets such good memorys of these and 2 a penny sweets !

  21. Samantha says:

    Yum! Is there anyone who doesn’t have fond memories of these from their childhood?! 🙂

  22. Jane Adair says:

    I must confess that I still buy these lollies! 40 years of age and when the kids are in bed the Double Lollies come out.(Thank goodness the kids are too small to read this !) 😉

  23. Debbie Weinhold says:

    Wow, these bring back memories! I used to love these lollies but the pink/yellow lollies were my particular favourite.

  24. Alasdair MacInnes says:

    I remember grinding groves into these with my front teeth, lovely 😀

  25. Louise Dray says:

    I must confess that when my children have a packet of these. I will have to have lots.

  26. Emma Barron says:

    i used to love these lollies, although my parents never bought me this sort of thing – i used to go out on my own and buy them with my pocket money, lol

  27. Ene Rebane says:

    I used to waste all my pocket money on them and eat them secretly in my room, so that I wouldn’t have to share them with my brothers. Mmmm.. good times 🙂

  28. JoC says:

    These lollies take me right back..are they the version with the old paper rolled sticks?…lollies used to last for absolute ages, the whole walk home from school! 😉

  29. Sammie Hodges says:

    Awww I used to love these as a child! Havent had them in ages! I used to try and bite them!

  30. aEG says:

    Ha! I loved these as a kid, and even now, if any turn up in my kid’s party bags, I steal them given half a chance!!

  31. Sarah Laycock says:

    Such happy memories, I used to grind them layer by layer through my teeth – incensed my mother and father no end!

  32. Katy ROberts says:

    I can remember trying to nibble the top level off first!! Not sure how successful that was. Loved the chalky texture of them. Yumm!

  33. Gemma Harrison says:

    I loved these as a child, I especially liked the pink and white ones. I still eat them every now and again but they always seem to be green and yellow.

  34. Anna Emslie says:

    These double lollies are brilliant. I haven’t had them for years though but just thinking about them takes me back to when I was seven all over again.

  35. Anna M says:

    Love these! I still buy them at the age of 43. Nearly choked on one once when, after a particularly enthusiastic suck, it came off the stick and got jammed in my mouth. Didn’t put me off them for long though.

  36. Coralie Pearson says:

    Loved these lollies and still do. Once i have finished the lolly I like to chew the stick

  37. Jo Young says:

    I love love love swizzle lollies and always get a few for me when I buy them for the kids!

  38. Denice says:

    I just love these lollies, found them in a shop a few years back and I’m positive my kids thought I’d finally lost it as I bought so many 🙂

  39. Christine S says:

    I loved these as a kid and now as an adult! These lollies will never go out of fashion and will always be my favourite retro sweet.

  40. Kelly Koya says:

    I love the way they changed colour as you licked them, and the chalky texture

  41. Sarah says:

    i loved and still love these, however i have to admitt i have broken a few teeth on these, i also remember once when i was little i was riding my bike, whilst chewing one of these fell off my bike and got the stick stuck in my throat 🙁 however didnt put me off wanting another one!

  42. roberta small says:

    Loved them when I was a lot younger n still do Even my 7yo son loves them

  43. Tracey Wells says:

    Ooooooo Double Lollies, i have to have at least one a week teehee especially with the yellow on top because it’s softer lol

  44. Jasmine Collier says:

    I love these so much, but have to eat them in secretly as my husband thinks I’m silly liking lollies at my age lol

  45. Mandy James says:

    My hubby absolutely loves these! I dont get a look in unless i hide a few to keep for myself lol 🙂 x

  46. Jenny Eaves says:

    I love these lollies! We used to get them with a pic-n-mix from the corner shop! 🙂


    Oh I love these, especially the purply coloured ones. The plastic sticks used to be hollow so you could use them as a straw afterwards. Thrifty!

  48. Christopher Bell says:

    Absolutely loved them! Still do! Always will! I remember that when I was about 16 I bouth a whole jar of them which must have had about 60 or 70 in and it lasted about 4 days!

    What I do hate about them is that they seem to have changed some of their flavours…I had a couple the other day and the flavours were all wrong! I was ever so upset! :'(

  49. Peak says:

    I’v never tried them but I am sure that my nephews and nieces would love them.

  50. Monica Hailstone says:

    OMG! Double lollies are the best!
    Of all the retro sweeties, they pass the tasty test
    It’s all in the texture,
    and mix of different colours
    that make these lovely doubles
    outshine all of the others!

  51. Nicky says:

    Just love the green and yellow ones. I try to make then last as long as possible before crunching up the final bir

  52. joanne saunders says:

    I absolutely loved them. You used to lick and lick it then scratch ya teeth on them then in the end you just crunch them and once you had one you wanted more and more they were delicious you cant beat all the retro sweets and the best thing were they were only something like 5p each Double lollies rockkkkkkkkkkk !!!

  53. JAN says:


  54. Frankie Light says:

    I love these lollies. As a child, I would always buy a couple fop these with my pocket money. The other sweets I chose varied but I always got a couple of these. They last so long and turn your tongue such funky colours 🙂

  55. Paul Wilson says:

    I used to love these as a kid, my gran used to have an inexhaustable supply of them. I haven’t had one for years.

  56. sally mortimer says:

    I lurve these lollies, they are lip smacking good!!! especially the green and yellow ones!! Yummy all the way!!!

  57. Sandra says:

    I read some of the comments and was amazed to discover these lollies can be sucked – surely they must be crunched?? Maybe that’s why my teeth are so bad 🙂

  58. Heather Shaw says:

    I love these lollies! They remind me of the free sweets the beano and dandy use to have on them. Now they cant 🙁 They would have to give away a free banana or face the wrath of healthy mothers! :p

  59. nikki says:

    i love these lollies, i prefered them when they just melted when you licked them. lol. During my pregnancy with my first son 5 yrs ago i craved them,after discovering our local co-op sold the mega sized ones. my poor other half got sent out at all hours. lol. my 2 boys now also like them, so i still get to enjoy a slice of my childhood, well i can’t get them one without getting myself one can i now!!!! xx

  60. Victoria C says:

    Loved these, especially when the came as part of a party bag – although I seem to remember my mum quite often claiming them for herself 🙁

  61. Nicola Seary says:

    I loved these as a child-my kids arent so keen.That means more for me if I win though.

  62. JANE says:

    Was bought up in a sweet shop, and I have to now admit, I always had a little secret stash of these lollies………..and there was a few different ways in which these could be eaten, which I did become master of them all! so yummy!

  63. Misha Wallace says:

    These lollies are fab, the taste reminds me of being little and going to birthday parties – always got these in a party bag! I still eat them now. They deserve to be retro sweet of the week! 🙂

  64. Lynsey Ward says:

    Reminds me of birthday partys, always got one in a party bag, and they used to last for ages if you sucked them.. but i loved to crunch them 😉

  65. Cyra says:

    I looovvveee these! They remind me of going to my Grandma’s when I was little as she used to spoil us by giving us one of these lovely lollies!

  66. Belinda Hendry says:

    oo i lurrve them, remember when my grandad used to give me pennies to go and buy some at the corner shop

  67. Gary Humphrey says:

    These sweets remind me of my afternoon treat following school.Still love them 20 years later!

  68. Jennifer Stokes says:

    Love these lollies – they last for ages if you suck them, but I love to drag my teeth across the top and then chew them up! They taste yummy and remind me of being a kid!!

  69. chlo says:

    these are my absolute favourite sweet in the world, yet i can’t seem to find them in supermarkets anymore. A shame because I could suck on these until they melted in my mouth!

  70. Gemma Poulding says:

    I love these lollies and they remind me of walking home from school and buying sweets from the newsagents. There yummy!

  71. Victoria Boland says:

    I love these lollies. Used to be part of my mix-up’s when I was a child.

  72. Yolanda Barker says:

    these are my favourite – sometimes you suck and sometimes a good chunky bite does the trick – yummmmmm

  73. Sharon Lines says:

    I still love these lollies but wouldn’t dip them in coca cola like i used to when i was younger….

  74. Jacqueline Petty says:

    I absolutely love these, they are my favourite lollipop. The purple/yellow ones are my favourite! I can remember always making sure one of these were in my 10p mixed bag before I bought one!

  75. Rick Smith says:

    OMG I love these sweets how can you not. The green and yellow ones where always my favourite. These lollies always remind me of going to my grandmas she would always give me one for being a good boy. Just to taste one again would be amazing. Yummy !!

  76. Lou Chambers says:

    Always Loved Double Lollies as a kid & even now I’ll sneak one out of the childrens treat box, well I am still a big kid at heart :))

  77. Emma Smith says:

    I loved these as a child and still do now. Love the chalky, sourness of them.

    Now it’s my kids turn and I’ve started introducing them to them and they’re going down a treat

  78. Jo Bromley says:

    These were and are my favourite lollies! They were the first choice in the bag for my 10p mixups 🙂

  79. Allan says:

    Loved lollies as a kid. Now my grandkids love them too so it would be great to win some.

  80. Belinda Matthews says:

    When I was young we used to get a double lollie on a friday as a treat, that was 35 years ago my 17 year old daughter enjoys hem as a child and noe my two boys aged 3 and 1 enjoy them. I still like a sneeky one now when I fancy something sweet

  81. Andrew Hindley says:

    The lollies where certainly part of my childhood along with Kalie and Liqourice sticks and Bazooka Gum!

    I love them!

  82. Hazel rush says:

    I used to live these when I was little they remind me of fun and carefree times!

  83. Rebecca denyer says:

    I used to love these when I was younger and craved them when I was pregnant with my oldest son

  84. Kelly Hooper says:

    I loved these lollies as a child, we used to go to the local post office on a saturday for ‘sweet day’ and they had all th sweets in their boxes under a counter for you to choose what you wanted in your white pick and mix bag!
    25 years later my kids now eat them . . . feeling old now :O

  85. suzanna gentle says:

    Brings to mind long summer days when I was young. Sunday afternoons, hot pavements, blockbuster movies and our Mr Whippy ice cream man who sold a huge assortment of sweets. These are one of my faves.

  86. Daniella Abraham says:

    I’ve loved these lollies for years, my gran used to own a sweet shop and i have fond memories of making up 10 and 20p mix ups and sneaking the lollies into my mouth to help me work!

  87. Faiza says:

    Loved them. The only retro sweets besides sherbets I used to love and still do! I remember me and my brothers and sisters always used to go to the corner shop and buy loads. I’m 19 now and still feel like a kid sometimes. Wish I could go back in time again.

  88. lynn ward says:

    eeh i remember buying these for the kids, although I would sneak a few too haha

  89. Lorraine Foster says:

    Love these my mum always used to get me them as a treat, and I always used to have them in party bags as a kid!

  90. Nicola says:

    I LOVE double lollies. A friend got me a huge tub one year at christmas. Haven’t had them in ages. x

  91. Sarah Anguish says:


    I especially like the green/yellow ones, huge part of my childhood (and my adulthood lol)

  92. jenny swann says:

    mmmm lovely!! don’t remember them having pictures on the wrapper though!

  93. Joanne Blunt says:

    I loved these when I was younger, and still love them now. As do my children 🙂

  94. Sarah Page says:

    Aaah love them! Especially the yellow and green ones. A little bit of heaven on a stick!

  95. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

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