Retro sweet of the week!

Here’s a Retro sweet of the week for all you playground bubble blowing champions!

We all agree that this is the best bubblegum around, and it’s just as popular now as it was way back when.

This weeks Retro sweet of the week is, of course…

Anglo Bubbly

Anglo Bubbly!

Did you know that these are Pear flavoured?! Seems like a weird choice, but that fruity Anglo Bubbly taste is just amazing!

These really are the Kings of retro chewiness. Nothing beats an Anglo Bubbly bubble!

If you’d like to take a trip down memory lane and win yourself a bag of this extra bubbly Retro sweet of the week, just leave a comment on this post!

Do you love Anglo Bubbly too? What memories do these bring back for you? Our favourite comment will win the Anglo Bubbly!

Comments need to be received before 9am on Tuesday 3rd May :).

65 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Rhonda says:

    Reminds me of when I was a kid going to the shop with my then best friend, we used to spend loads of our pocket money on these.

  2. suzanne oneill says:

    Reminds me of when i used to be allowed to ride to the shop on my bike with my friends and my 50p pocket money. I thought it was amazing that these sweets were only 1p and i could buy 50 of them for my money. Miss those times.

  3. Jacqueline Burton says:

    I remember when I was wee and I’d finally received some pocket money for all the hard work I’d done for my parents. I’d race down to the local sweet shop and buy a selection of these along with some of my other classic favourites. Those were the good ol’ days!!

  4. Emma Barron says:

    only 1p from our local corner shop back in the days- would cost 5p or maybe 10p these days, lol

  5. coco-chips says:

    Oh my gosh i’m feeling very nostalgic! reminds me of childhood when life was so simple!

  6. jason walsh says:

    the taste takes me back to a time when simple safe secure, an unmoulded love so pure.

  7. nicci cowdell-murray says:

    what a fab prize !!! i used to love going to our local shop where they had a half penny tray of sweets it was brill 🙂 i was telling my kids u could get sweets for half a penny each and they just laughed at me !!!! think they thought i was going daft

  8. Lyndsey Colgan says:

    I used to go down to our corner shop to buy these! My Mum always said that they were the best ones to buy if you wanted to learn how to blow bubbles, she was right! Plus they’re yummy! 🙂

  9. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    I remember Anglo Bubbly – we used to go across to the general stores across the road from my Nan to buy this – at 1p a shot!

  10. Sheila Sefton says:

    Would love to have some of these to show my kids what the sweets were like in my day!

  11. sarah eggleton says:

    Reminds me of when school finished being dead excited to go to the local shop and buy al sorts of goodies!

  12. charlotte ali says:

    I remember when i was young, long ago
    feeling carefree, going with the flow.
    When i wanted to chew on some great bubblegum
    Anglo was always my choice it was YUM!.
    Now i am older so maybe i’ll share
    the delicious fruity flavour of pear. 🙂

  13. h gutowsk says:

    I haven’t had bubble gum for years! I remember putting 3 or 4 bubble gums in my mouth, chewing them soft, then seeing how big a bubble I could blow. And it always seemed to “pop” on my face!

  14. Bonita williams says:

    used to buy these on my walk to school and share them with my friends before registration!forgot all about them…!what a great prize!

  15. emma robson says:

    Reminds me of my late grandmother, who used to give me and my brother 20p each to get some sweets. We saw it as such a great treat, at no other time would we be allowed to stuff a whole handful of these in our mouths in one sitting lol!

  16. Gemma Harrison says:

    I didn’t know these are pear flavoured. I loved them as a kid and I am now trying to remember the taste, if you asked me what flavour I thought they were I would have said bubble gum flavour but I guess that isn’t an actual flavour.

  17. amanda currie says:

    blowing the biggest bubble competition in the playground – then sticking it behind your ear until the next playtime!

  18. korky says:

    oooh yep, used to love it 🙂

    we used to have contests to see who could blow the biggest ones, themn splat them lol 🙂

  19. Rob P says:

    Always reminds me of school holidays during the hot summer. The ice cream van use to pop down our cul-de-sac.
    Me and my friends use to buy those ‘Screwball’ ice-creams and he use to sell Anglo Bubbly bubblegums for a penny each!….but he always gave us extra! 😀

    Also, I knew they had a distinct flavour, but never knew they were PEAR flavour! Until just now!

  20. nadine williams says:

    i remember these bubblies being on the penny tray at the shop. they made great big bubbles when blown

  21. Denice says:

    omg Anglo Bubbly, is that not the one that had the tattoo transfer between the wrapper and the pink bubbly?? such a unique taste thinking about it takes me right back to getting 5p to go to the ice cream van 🙂

  22. Beth Norfolk says:

    I LOVE this bubbly! It reminds me of running inside to ask for 20p, so that my brother and I could buy 5 each! They would get so big we could hardly breathe around it and we’d have competitions to blow the best bubbles. Kept us entertained for hours!

  23. Misha Wallace says:

    Wow I loved these when I was younger! They were 2p each and I used to buy them at the local shop during school lunchtime. They are yum, would love to taste them again! 🙂

  24. susannah southurst says:

    used to buy these when i was about 7 and were about 1p each, blow the best bubbles ever

  25. Kelly Koya says:

    Wow, not seen that in years! Remember getting it caught up in my braces when I bought it with the penny sweets!

  26. simone lee says:


  27. Keith C says:

    I was one of the select group of people banned from having bubble gum by their parents, not entirely sure why!?…No need to enter me for the draw tho, that would be super greedy as I won last weeks 🙂

  28. Susie says:

    It was always the biggest “whatever”, when you were being nagged for not cleaning your room or similar, to stand there chewing and blowing great big bubbles. I still think it would work – with that witch in HR, the utility company cold callers and, at times, my husband.

  29. Hatty Uwanogho says:

    I am still reeling since you said these were supposed to be pear flavoured. Anyhow, they tasted great back then, so I don’t mind what flavour they are. There are some good things about being old – having tried lots of these retro yummy bubblies before! And I wouldn’t mind trying some again 😉

  30. Tim Bain says:

    Reminds me of stuffing my face one day with anglo and my grandma hating bubblegum and chewing taking it off me, then telling me that swallowing it would clog up my insides and there wouldn’t be anything to save me. That worked a little, but just stopped me swallowing it, so she took it to the next leve and told me it was made from bunny rabbits cheeks which worked lol She’d already proved that icecream red flavouring is made using beetles (which it is) so I swallowed this new story easily lol

  31. nadia says:

    Remember these from when i used to get 10p pocket money and blowing it all on these yummy treats!!

  32. stuart payne says:

    This reminds me of walking to school and having a competition between my mates to see who could blow the biggest bubble.

  33. katrina walsh says:

    The scent of these can take me back to my childhood in seconds! Loved the stuff and loved trying to amaze people with the size of the bubbles i could blow!

  34. vicki hall says:

    My sister and i were not allowed bubble gum when we were kids, so my sister decided to pick it off the ground and eat it! From this moment on, our parents allowed us to buy bubble gum…good work sis

  35. lesley sanderson says:

    Aww i love this bubblegum, my favourite bubblegum ever, and unlike a lot of other bubblegum… you can actually blow bubbles with it hehe xx

  36. nicola harrison says:

    i loved saturday`s when i was a kid i`d get my pocket money and run to the corner shop yes i`d buy Anglo Bubbly along with many other`s , great fond memories, me and my sister used to compete who could blow the biggest bubble x

  37. John Aspey says:

    The best 2 pence that money can buy, always remember as a kid that any pocket money i was given HAD to be spent.. so that last bit of copper i had floating in my pocket?? I used to buy these and have competitions with the local kids to see who could blow a huge bubble and have it pop on the end of your nose – we where nice kids! 🙂

  38. Cara says:

    I used to love getting 10p mixes whe I was wee and there was always a bubbly in it!! I used to end up with it stuck in my hair and everything from trying to blow the biggest bubble!

  39. Kimberley Howes says:

    OMG yes I remember these when I was a kid. We used to buy them for 2p each when we were younger. I remember my dad gave my sister and I £10 when we were on holiday when I was 7 , and I spent the whole lot on these sweets. I came home with loads of them. My dad was not best pleased. Oh just to have that sweet taste once again. Yummyx

  40. Chris says:

    Newsagents before school, back when you could get as many as would fit in you pocket without having to sell the clothes on you back to pay for it. Glory days!

  41. a gibson says:

    I remember these when they were a penny each, I used to buy loads, I loved the smell of them, and popping them on my tongue before chewing them, and you could blow massive bubbles with Bubbly!

  42. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Happy first day back at work Chewbz fans and a big thank you for all of your lovely comments.

    We just love hearing about your sweet memories!

    Due to the great response to this weeks bubbly sweet, we’ve chosen 5 lucky winners…

    Vicki Hall
    Kimberley Howes
    Charlotte Ali
    Rob P
    Tim Bain

    Congratulations guys! We’ll be sending an email your way shortly, so keep your eyes on those inboxes!

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