A very yummy retro sweet photoshoot…

Chewbz Emily and Kayleigh have had an extra sweet start to the week, getting snap happy with our latest retro sweet photoshoot!

Over the last two days, Antony from Lightbox Digital Studios snapped just over 1000 sugary sweet photos :o. That’s a whole lot of  sweet arranging; Shrimps, Flumps and Gobstoppers are pretty temperamental models you know!

Seeing our yummy products in front of the lens tempts us even more than usual, and we all tucked into a few retro treats along the way ;). Antony even took home a Stupid Big Chewb full of Rainbow Drops!

The reasons for our photoshoot will be revealed in the coming weeks… We can’t wait to show you all what we’ve been up to. There’s certainly extra sweet times ahead for all you Chewbz fans out there ;).

A massive thanks again to Antony for his brilliant all round photo-taking skills once again, especially being able to control our unruly Gobstoppers who love to roll around tables!