Retro sweet of the week!

We’re spoiling you again this week with another British sweetshop classic as our Retro sweet of the week!

Here in the Chewbz office, we all agree that this sweet was a big part of our childhood. While we weren’t always allowed the fizzy drink, we often managed to sneak in a few of these before dinner!

We’re of course talking about…

Cola Cube

Cola Cubes!

Sugar coated with a lovely red colour, Cola Cubes are just a proper retro treat!

We use yummy Frosties Kola Kubes in our Chewbz but as a special trip down memory lane, this weeks winner will get a whole jar of traditional square Cola Cubes 🙂

All you need to do to be in with the chance of winning is leave a comment on this post. Tell us why you’re loving (or even hating) this weeks choice, and our favourite comment will win the sweet pize!

The competition will close at 9am, next Monday 7th February.

22 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Kirby Martin says:

    OMG Cola cubes were the one sweet I was not allowed as a child, so of course it was the one sweet I used to buy with my pocket money!! 🙂

  2. claire says:

    i remember always wondering how they got the cola to stick into a cube, fascinating as a child :)much better than cola pips, especially when they go a bit soft on the outside and then crunchy on the middle and it was amlost impossible not to chew them.

  3. Nicola says:

    The cola cube they are the king of the retro sweets. Love the chewy centre after u have crunched throught the cube.

  4. gemma spark says:

    used to buy these every day when i was at school after my lunch couldnt get enough of them yummy yum yum im craing some now ha ha x x x

  5. Andy says:

    I always remeber using my pocket money on Cola Cubes, I use to be addicted to them, They were brilliant and can’t beat these new sweets!

  6. joanne says:

    I loooooooove cola cubes these are one of mine and me husbands favourites just a shame u cant buy them in any of the shops nowadays.
    im guessing these are the reason nowadays i drink my cola because i cant get a fix of cola cubes 🙂 <3

  7. Keith C says:

    I love Cola-Cubes (think the ones I used to get from the sweetie shop were called Kola-Kubes, they certainly didn’t help my spelling!). I’d always previously bought fizzy cola bottles when I got my ‘quarter of’ sweets, but one week they’d run out and this was the suggested 2nd choice. Became my firm favourite, mainly because they lasted a little bit longer and you could play ‘who can suck their sweet the longest before they crunch the cube!’

  8. katherine grieve says:

    COLA CUBES YYYYYYAAAAAAAAAAAAYYYYYYYYYYY the original ones are the best i used to get a quarter or cola cubes and a quarter of pineapple chunks on a saturday when i went round to my grans house – HAPPY DAYS xxxxx

  9. cheryl hadfield says:

    I love cola-cubes..and would love to win so my children can see what real sweets taste like!!

  10. Kevin says:

    ‘A 1/4 of cola cubes’ God that brings back memories! Buying them from Gashie’s corner shop on Northside Workington, which is now someone’s house. I remember putting them in a glass of lemonade to see if it turned into Coke – it didn’t work!

  11. gordon fleming says:

    used to love buying these as a kid even tho i could never resist crunching them broke a tooooth once cos of them but all is forgiven lol still remember the taste

  12. Anna Smith says:

    oh my days!! these are my favourite sweets of all times!!! id eat them all day! shame u cant buy them alone now! love them xxx

  13. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    A massive thank you to everyone that entered again this week!

    The comments just keep getting better and better, we wish we could send sweets to everyone, but there can only be 1 winner this week…

    The lucky recipient of a Jar of Cola Cubes is…

    Keith C!

    Keith, we really enjoyed your trip down memory lane, and would love to send you some of your favourite sweets 🙂
    If you could email us your address details to, we’ll get your sweet prize on it’s way!

    Thanks again everyone for taking part, you really do brighten up our week with your sweet memories!

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