Candy Necklaces, a classic party bag essential…

Candy Necklaces, a classic party bag essential. Made up of small fruity beads, these retro favourites are fun and quirky. A reminder of the days we used to run around necks adorned with edible jewellery.

The sweet beads of a candy necklace are threaded on in a variety of pastel shades: pink, yellow, green, blue, purple, and orange. Making these necklaces colourful and unique as each colour represents a different fruity flavour.

You can either let the beads dissolve in your mouth or crunch down on the candy for an instant flavour hit.

Did you know? Candy Necklaces were invented thanks to sugar-based candies gaining popularity post WWII. All the candy manufacturers were experimenting with their creativity and releasing candies that are still around to this day. In 1958, the first candy necklace was released. The exact location or party responsible for the invention of Candy Necklaces is up for debate. However, it is believed that candy necklaces were invented in Northern Europe before making a mark world wide in the 50s.