Back to school…

Ah September. It always reminds of school uniform shopping, new pencil cases, and most importantly, trips to the tuck shop.

Even though we all left school a very, very long time ago, there’s still something exciting about September.

In celebration of back to school time, why not relive those tuck shop memories with some of our lovely retro sweets!

This Tuck Shop Sweet Jar is just the thing to remind you of break times spent at the Tuck shop. Plus there’s enough sweets to last you the whole term!

Or choose one of our Sweetshop Chewbz, jam packed with Cola Bottles, Fried Eggs, Giant Banana’s and Flying Saucers, and reminisce back to the days of penny sweets and Saturday pick-n-mix trips.

So go on, treat yourself to some nostalgia this September.

Or if you know a little someone who is headed back to school, then surprise them when they get off the school bus, with some yummy Chewbz delights!