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  • Click to view Flumps!
    All thatÊsquishyÊmallowy goodness, twisted and twirled together, is instant happiness inducing heaven!
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  • Click to view White Sweet Hamper!
    White Sweet Hamper
    A gorgeous white hamper filled with delicious retro sweets including shrimps, kola kubes, fruit salads and black jacks, presented with lovely lilac tissue paper and ribbon.
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  • Click to view Retro Cube!
    Retro Cube
    Our new Chewbz Retro Cube is bursting with great flavours from all your favourite retro sweets, this great value for money cube is sure to please no matter if this is for a gift or as an indulgent treat for yourself.
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  • Click to view Mega Cone of Sweets!
    Mega Cone of Sweets
    Our Mega Cone is filled with 500g of retro tuck mix including Double Lollies, Drumstick Lollies, Fizzers, Parma Violets and Love Hearts. Measuring 25cm at the top and 46cm long, once tied with a ribbon, this makes a perfect little present.
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  • Click to view Sweet Shop Gift Boxes!
    Sweet Shop Gift Boxes
    From 19.95
    A box of pick and mix retro faves, filled to the brim with old-school sweets. The perfect present complete with Kola Kubes, Fried Eggs, Flying Saucers, Shrimps, Popping Candy and so much more!
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  • Click to view Mega Mix Large Tilted Jar!
    Mega Mix Large Tilted Jar
    This jar has a selection of 29 different types of sweets, this is enough to share with the full family and more. Which one brings back your favourite memory or is there just too much choice?
    View Mega Mix Large Tilted Jar details

Retro Sweets

Welcome to Chewbz, the home of the famous funky retro sweets Chewbz©, a clearly excellent gift that is cram-packed with old fashioned sweets from the 70's, 80's and 90's in a clear see-through Chewb© with all the sugary goodness on proud display. Check out our new range of 99p sweets! If you fancy buying a retro sweets hamper, we have those too, a lovely wicker sweet hamper that is full to the lid of retro sweets including lollipops, chewy bars, and penny sweet classics like fruit salads, wham bars, shrimps and fried eggs.

What our customers say

I ordered a Chewbz Retro Sweets Gift Box, WOW its perfect. I ordered it for my friends 30th Birthday present, it had everything she could ask for. I am now looking to buy for another Birthday, as the delivery was really fast too.

Sheryl , West Midlands