American candy…

Chewbz Kayleigh is off to the US of A!

In between lots of sunshine (hopefully!) and hanging out with Mickey and Minnie, Kayleigh will be scouring the American sweets scene!

She’s on the lookout for some extra special ‘candy’ to bring back as a prize for a limited edition Retro sweet of the week 😀

So, any requests? Tootsie Pops, Hershey’s Kisses, Twizzlers or Big Red take your fancy?

What do you think of American sweet treats? We’re oh so proud of our great British retro sweets, but is there any American offerings that you just can’t get enough of?

2 thoughts on “American candy…

  1. thesoupdragon says:

    Where do you start! Fruit life savers will always remind me of going to the Grand canyon with 15 of us in a van with no air con! Dark Milky Way (uk mars bar) reminds me of shopping in NY. You cant beat american jelly beans, haribo, and Jolly ranchers. My son wants tootsie rolls because the driver of the coach in Florida would give them to him each morning and became known as Tony Tootsie roll… I could go on but british sweets are still the best!

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