A super sour Retro sweet of the week!

For this weeks sweet of the week, we’ve gone for something completely different!

To celebrate the start of the school holidays, we’re sure these little tins will keep the kids well entertained for a little while…

Toxic Waste

Toxic Waste!

Now these are some properly sour sweets! We tried a few in the Chewbz office this afternoon and there’s no way you can keep a straight face with these. For extreme sweetie fans only!

Think you can handle a barrel of Toxic Waste? We would love to see some pics of you all trying these out ;).

If you’re up to this sour challenge, then just leave a comment on this post and tell us why you’d like to win the sweets!

You have until 9am next Monday 1st August to enter, so get typing retro sweet fans!

128 thoughts on “A super sour Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Ellie says:

    One of my sisters is the ‘Sour Queen’ she loves sour sweets! I think it came about as no-one else would pinch them so she enjoys offering them around with no takers! She would love a tub of Toxic Waste! ha ha

  2. Claire Packer says:

    I love sour sweets and usually there never sour enough. I have never tried these sour sweets, maybe they would finally meet my sour taste buds to make me pull weird facial expressions!! x

  3. tracy grieve says:

    I would love to win these so i could give them to the kids in my street so i and other parents can get 5mins with no swear words

  4. Laura Maclean says:

    I would love to win these sweets as I love sour sweets and am yet to find some that make me change face lol. Plus I think it would be fun to have competitions with the family!

  5. Tina says:

    I love sour sweets but cant say I have ever seen or tried these. I would be up for the challenge and pictures would be fun! count me in!

  6. Marian Coburn says:

    I’d love to win these sweets because my youngest son loves them, he’s the only one brave enough in our family to eat them! He says the lemon is the sourest and the watermelon is the least sour, so if I’m lucky enough to win I’ll be having a watermelon one to celebrate!! My son has just called me a wuss!!! Lol

  7. sharon griffin says:

    I used to buy the sour balls when i was younger but haven`t seen them for ages. These sound like they would get the tastebuds tingling so would love to try some out 😀

  8. Zoe says:

    My husband loves these (but still pulls a face) my 5 yr old daughter and I are not yet brave enough but my 3yr old son has tried before and his face was a picture.. if we were to win us girls would ‘man up’ and take the challenge too 🙂 x

  9. kathleen palmer says:

    my husband to be thinks he is immune to sour sweets i would love to send u a picture of him eating these

  10. will tunnicliffe says:

    Would love to win these just to see the look on my grandkids faces when they try them. Should be a picture.

  11. Elizabeth Coates says:

    These sound sooooo exciting. My family would love to try them. We’ve never heard of them; have no idea what to expect but would love to give them a try and let you know what we think!

  12. Maria Comps says:

    These sound perfect for my hubby and he’d be up for letting me take his piccie when he tries them too.

  13. Keith C says:

    I do love to take up a sour challenge! These would be an excellent stocking filler! (Oops…mentioned Christmas already, bad Keith bad!)

  14. Candy Johnson says:

    I would love to win a barrel of Toxic Waste. I am the mean kind of mom that loves to watch her kids faces when they try something sour just so I can have a laugh.

  15. Angela says:

    Because I am mean, I would give them to my teenage daughter without warning her about the sourness – then I would laugh.

  16. phil murray says:

    So I can trick my friends because of their awesome sour-ness!
    Also so I can try and beat my record of eating a whole pot of toxic waste at one time!!!

  17. David Nicolson says:

    I’d give them to my granny, just to see the look on her face when she tastes how sour they really are 😛

  18. Julia z Rhead says:

    I like sweet things, the rest of the family like sour so these would mean that I could please them and enjoy watching their reaction!

  19. Colleen Macauley says:

    these will sort out the men from the boyz….if I win my wee family will have a competition to see who is the top sourbake

  20. JoC says:

    I’d love a bit of Britney Spears in a tin…Hazardously Sour Candy that’s oh so TOXIC 😉

  21. Ben Barnard says:

    I would like to win because I am still sour over Andy Murray losing Wimbledon, so I think they’d suit my mood.

  22. keith says:

    id like to win these not only do they taste good but you get a good laugh at the faces your friends pull when they try them! (especially when you dont tell them that their sour sweets lol!) 🙂

  23. heidi wilmot says:

    my children would love these…..actually so will I….maybe i’d keep them for myself 🙂

  24. Mrs e howe says:

    I would like to win,
    A little orange tin,
    Full of sour sweets,
    To give my tongue a treat.

    I might share them out at work,
    I don’t think it would hurt,
    To see their faces sucked in,
    Would really make me grin!

    Please nice chewbz people,
    Consider my little rhyme
    And pick me as the lucky girl
    To win a prize this time


    My son and I absolutely love sour sweets. They’re great fun to eat. These hard types are REALLY sour!

  26. Sarah Laycock says:

    Never tasted them before but we IDOLISE sour sweets in this house and would love a chomp or two!

  27. janice channer says:

    I would love to win these for the family…lol..I would put them in a different packet so they didnt know and watch their faces pucker up like sour lemons…..hehe

  28. Annette Stephens says:

    i love sour sweet that make you screw your face up….offering them to someone else without telling them is great entertainment!!

  29. Phil Darling says:

    Don’t know why I love these, as when I eat them, I squint so hard my ears ache. But love them I do

  30. Maia Lavin says:

    I have bought so many sweets that are meant to be sour, but nothing seems to fizz up my taste buds… I wanna see if I can handle these sweets just as well 😛

  31. Janie Halsall says:

    Ah man i looooooooooooove sour sweeties. The more sour the better! Bring it on! *drools*

  32. Ben Cooke says:

    ill be honest i never had the cojones to try them when i was younger lol! id love to try them now though 🙂

  33. k walsh says:

    I work in a newsagents and have actually had 2 children cry befor ewhen we havent had these back in stock – I wanna know what all the fuss was about lol!

  34. Christina Curtis says:

    Hahahaha. I remember when i took some of these little beauties out on a night out and gave them to some rather drunk friends..HILARIOUS!! My Dad loves Sour stuff so if i win i will be either tricking friends or giving them to him.

  35. H Lee says:

    I’d like to win because there my sisters favourites and I have some great memorys of having these on holidays and causing trouble with them!

  36. Genevieve says:

    Everyone in my office loves to try the most sour of candies and see who can last the longest. I’d love to take these in and let everyone have a go, especially me 🙂

  37. sean thompson says:

    toxic waste – i just love the tin

    the sweets well i dont know if i would dare to try … but would have fun daring others!!!

  38. cheryl fothergill says:

    Would love to see the kids faces when they try them ;-)They love sour sweets but wonder if these might be just too much! Would make a great photo tho.

  39. gemma raines says:

    so id be able to get away with pulling faces at my boss because id have a legitimate reason!

  40. Julie reilly says:

    My son loves them but so do I so I tell him hes only allowed sweets at weekends! Then I eat them all when hes gone to bed. I owe him so many please can I win!

  41. Cathryn Smethurst says:

    I would love to win these as I have never seen them before and they look amazing. I lurve sour sweets, I even love the ones that other people can’t tolerate without their faces contorting into various shapes.

  42. katherine grieve says:

    I canot stand sour sweets but for some reason my kids love them! I love the look on their faces when they eat them, hilarious!!!!

  43. Caroline Lyons says:

    I am pulling funny faces as I think about eating them! I’d love to win them for the comedy factor with my family!

  44. jane steels says:

    my grandson says he can suck any sweet without pulling a funny face it would be lovely to watch him with these

  45. karen dixon says:

    so far i have not found any sweets too sour to eat, i hope i can win to put them to the test, also my nephews will love them

  46. Kelly Hooper says:

    I really want to win this to give to my son, he likes sour sweets and i’d love to show him some REAL sour sweets

  47. Suzanne sendell says:

    Brings back so so many memories
    Will have to hide them from my kids though !!!

  48. Sarah Mills says:

    I am sure I would be able to get some seriously good pictures of sour faced ffriends and family!

  49. Kim Webster says:

    I would love to win these, I have 3 children so we would have a mini competition (just for fun) who can NOT pull a face when eating these sour sweets 🙂 x

  50. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Love sour sweets, I’m pregnant and completely addicted to Tangfastics but even they aren’t sour enough. I’d love these 😀

  51. Deb Gillard says:

    I have adopted a Squaddie and I would send these to him. From what I hear it is really really dry and hot out where he is and these would be really refreshing for him.

  52. sarah williams says:

    I’m sick of eating “sweet” sweets so these “sour” sweets would make a great change!

  53. kim dolman says:

    would love to win these for my son as he loves sour and fizzy sweets but he may be out soured with theses !

  54. Rachel Murray says:

    I must admit, it’s because I want to see my children’s faces when I give them a sweet lol. I honestly love my children lol.

  55. Jo Boyd says:

    I love that feeling when things are so sour you cheeks hollow in and stick together, while your lips purse out – sounds gross but worth it cos they taste YUMMY!

  56. sharon weaden says:

    wow these are new and different. My two sons 6 and 3 would love to try these (so would I).

  57. andi g says:

    Taking aside the fact that I LOVE sour sweeties, I would love to add this to the list of harmless pranks that our family enjoy playing on my humourless 11 year old!!

  58. Yvonne Brownsea says:

    I would love to win some as I love this and my 8 y/o son always teases me with it when he buys some, so I could get my own back on him lol 😛

  59. Ruth Tesdale says:

    I want to win these for my grandson to feed to his Granddad so that he can laugh when he screws his face all up at the sour taste.

  60. isabelle smith says:

    i love sour sweets … lets see if i can handle these! 🙂 never tried toxic waste before

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