2011’s best selling sweet is…

Fancy hearing a little bit of retro sweet news?

Well, we asked our technical boffin’s to compile us a list of Chewbz best selling sweets of 2011, and here are the tasty results hot off the press!

The chewy (and a little bit fizzy) top five sweets are as follows:

5. Kola Kubes

4. Fizzy Bubblegum Bottles

3. Refreshers

2. Friendship Rings

1. The number one spot goes to the chewy, fruity and downright tasty…

Giant Strawberry copy

Giant Strawberry!

Yumm, we’re so pleased that Giant Strawberries have taken the number one spot. Here at Chewbz HQ, we’re big fans of these too and a bag of Strawbs is one the most regular steals from the retro sweet warehouse! These are just what a gummy sweet should be!

What do you think of our top five?

Will you be buying any of these in 2012?

If we’ve tempted your sweet tooth, then you can find all of our top five in our 99p bags range here.

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