Trading standards are like visits to the dentist.

Trading Standards are like visits to the dentist. You clean your teeth every night and know you look after them, but when you go to the dentist you get conscious that he is going to be checking up on you. So you clean them really well for the few days before you see him and get a little nervous that you have done a good enough job.

It’s like that with Trading Standards. We know we do things right all year round, but can’t help get a little nervous when you know they are coming to visit. I even found myself straightening up boxes of retro sweets on the shelves…. as if neat alignment would make them happy!

But all is good. John from Hampshire County Council came around and spent an hour with us. What a pleasant chap he was. He checked our scales were accurate and checked that our product descriptions and photos were accurate to what we sell. We even spent 30minutes talking through how to display ingredients, very boring but a necessary evil! We now have the big stamp of HCC approval until their next visit.  Thanks for your time John, it was really helpful!