3 thoughts on “Tiny gems of sugary goodness

  1. Kirsty Reid says:

    These little sweets always bring a smile to my face! The green ones are definitely my favorite, but i love getting the little gummy ones and the cubes!

  2. Hazel Cengiz says:

    I love, love, love, love, love these. They are both mine and my daughters favourite. We will cuddle up on the sofa, watching a film and share them. Luckily we have different favourite’s, I love the little jelly ones, and my daughter loves the cubes.

  3. Gill Mills says:

    I love a Dolly Mixture,
    Childhood memories filled with them
    Love the cube shaped one
    Love the roundy one
    and the sugary little gem.
    Christmas, Easter and Birthdays
    Whilst others longed for choccy delight
    I would wish for a box of my fave little sweets
    And they always tasted scrummy and right!
    So please consider me when you prize give
    And I’ll wish like I did as a kid.
    For a cute little treaty
    Thats a dream you can eaty
    Fingers crossed you enjoyed what I did !

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