Sweet of the week competition 17th August

The competition for all you Chewbz bloggers this week is a fun one.

This week we want to know what is the worst present you have received and why.

Yes we have all had a bad prezzie given to us by a loved one or a colleague who we thought liked us. Our present this week is a jar of our jelly sprogs.

Have fun but try not to upset anyone!!!!!!!

52 thoughts on “Sweet of the week competition 17th August

  1. Tracey Huber says:

    A caramel coloured plastic handbad which I left in my car and it melted into a disgusting coloured pile!

  2. kelly-ann murray says:

    my kids got me ‘coupons’ as a gift, i could use them whenever i wanted them to help around the house…. They have never been used ( i think they are void now lol )

  3. Marie G says:

    For my 18th I got a cheap plastic shopping bag which was bright blue with a teddy holding balloons, just when you need when becoming an adult NOT!!!

  4. lorraine b says:

    I got a set off four blank video tapes as a xmas present once what do you do with them when you have nt got a video player ha ha

  5. Alice says:

    All my female cousins got jewellry for their 21st birthdays. My eldest cousin got a lovely ruby ring. So i was really looking forward to my 21st as i have just got my own place so need a bit of a treat. I thought my present looked a bit big wrapped up but thought it might be wrapped fancy in a box, like a nice necklace…. opened it and….. a box of sponges. no joke…. sponges. not even the nice sponges. the kind that fall apart after one use in the sink. Dont alway expect what you want…. just what you need :/

  6. Angie M says:

    Probably one of those really cheap tacky necklaces with loads of diamante on.. from an older relative at christmas.. i just say ‘thanks’ and they’re all stuffed in a draw in my bedroom!

  7. Darla Parsons says:

    My mum is known for giving ‘unique’ gifts but the worst gift has to be the pretty vase she found in an antiques shop – she thought it would look lovely in my dining room. Reason for it being the worst gift – it was actually an urn!!! Don’t think it’s quite time for my ashes yet 😉 😉

  8. karen says:

    I surprised an elderly aunt with a visit just before Christmas, during which time I dropped off her Christmas present. Obviously she was expecting me, embarressed that she didn’t have a gift for me, I could hear her wrapping something in the kitchen, imagine my surprise when I opened a half eaten tin of biscuits!! I am only guessing that the full one was still in her cupboard. Still it was the thought that counts x

  9. Gill. Evans says:

    A friend bought me a stuffed sheep which was made of material and fur but it really gave me the creeps, can’t explain why…….it ended up in the bin, it spooked me so much I couldn’t even give it to charity!!

  10. Amy Kent says:

    A whip ! A gal I used to work with thought it would be a brillian laugh so without me knowing, she bought a whip and wrapped it up. Come Christmas day I opened it in front of my parents and ex boyfriend (who I was with at the time). Me and the parent were horrified. The boyfriend thought I was some sort of deviant haha . Amy x

  11. Rachel Craig says:

    An ashtray – I DO NOT SMOKE. I would have preferred a novelty item, or souvenier – as it was from abroad.

  12. jessica newman says:

    My baby has an allergy to wool and my aunt insists on buying him wooly jumpers every birthday and christmas

  13. Alice Oaten says:

    A cheap market doll that had leaked batteries,it was ment to ride a bike and sing ‘I’m a barbie girl’ but it was more like the creepy doll out of horror movies.

  14. carla says:

    A “Caramac” Easter egg from my sister when I was about 11 years old. I hated Caramac and so I kept it hidden in my drawer for about Two years as I felt too bad to admit it! 😉

  15. Naomi K says:

    My worst present has to be mini pegs. They were very cute and it was a lovely thought, but was so difficult to act like I loved them in front of the person. I mean they were pegs!…

  16. laura banks says:

    it has to be the hankies my gran used to get me every xmas but think my mums was the best when my dad bought her an electric tin opener

  17. Reece Precious says:

    My worst present ever was from my sister. We all give similar value presents, I bought her a set of Sabatier knives and she bought me a set of Billy Bob teeth. So if the moment grabbed me to look like an extra from Deliverance I’m half way there!

  18. Laura M says:

    My worst gift was my dream car. I know this is the kind of gift most would give thier right arm for but, it was a 1974 VW Beetle. I was 17 at the time, I was yet to (and still haven’t) pass my driving test. I couldn’t afford the huge price to insure her, she had no M.O.T or tax and needed a lot of work to get her back on the road. It was my worst gift because it was really frustrating to own my dream car but unable to drive or afford her. And when I finally decided to sell her it was heartbreaking.

  19. Chevaune Stanley says:

    Anti cellulite cream and an iron holder that screws to your door so you have somewhere to place your iron when finished (both from the same person, who I no longer have contact with!!!) 😉

  20. Julie Adams says:

    I was given a box of ‘make your own dog biscuits’ ????

    I do not have a dog nor had any intention of getting one.

    They were from my mother in law and her excuse was that she thought I could make them as fun doggy shaped biscuits for my boys even though clearly on the front of the box it stated ‘in the shapes of bones, cats and fire hydrants’??

    GRRRRR lol

  21. Julie Adams says:

    I was given a box of ‘make your own dog biscuits’ ????

    I do not have a dog nor had any intention of getting one.

    They were from my mother in law and her excuse was that she thought I could make them as fun doggy shaped biscuits for my boys even though clearly on the front of the box it stated ‘in the shapes of bones, cats and fire hydrants’??

  22. Sarah says:

    Monogrammed hankies have been an interesting one. They’d be a thoughtful gift if they’d had the right initials on them!

  23. Grace says:

    My very own edition of World Of Warcraft, after telling my boyfriend he spent too much time online and we should spend more time together.
    Unfortunately I thought it was a joke present and there was something else in the case – i.e. round and sparkly and belonging on my left hand, so it was very much the worst present 🙁

  24. Sarah says:

    A model of one of the Weasley brothers from Harry Potter, literally had no words to say when I opened it!

  25. Anne-Marie Smith says:

    When me and my sister were about 15 our dad got us a old fashioned blue hot water bottle and a bottle of the cheapest perfume which smelt awful for christmas …… It was not my favourite presents bless him.

  26. Marci B says:

    When I was in primary school I was given a pair of standard issue bottle green spoerts knickers with a pocket inside…………inside the pocket was a bar of chocolate, i never could pursuade myself to eat it…………..gross!

  27. Roy Mellor says:

    The worst present I ever received was a cigarette lighter from my mother in law – two weeks into a giving up smoking attempt.

  28. Derek Allen says:

    It has to be a present from a number of years ago. My very odd grandmother thought a shopping trolly would be very usefull for me.I was 35 and would never of dreamt of using it. My wife and I kept it in the porch for a number of years just in case we ever felt the urge.

  29. Stuart Wright says:

    An aunt, who hasn’t seen me for a long time, sent me a nice hairbrush set for Christmas. I’m bald!!

  30. caroline kelly says:

    About 7 pairs of earrings off different people over the years (I don’t have pierced ears) Half of them are from my closest friends too!!!

  31. VIVIAN ALLMAN says:

    i recieved all the ingredients to make a christmas cake….but it was too late to make for christmas tea when you get the indredients on christmas morning…… everything was included..including the eggs!

  32. claire matthews-curtis says:

    my nana use to knit me hats with the holes cut out of either side for when i wore bunches………not a cool look i can tell you lol

  33. angela barrett says:

    My partner bought me a tiny picture frame once which couldn’t even fit a passport photo in-not my best present!

  34. louise says:

    A CD rack – i didnt even have a CD player or any CDs at the time! Even worse this was from my (now) husband, who knew i had no use for it!

  35. amy webb says:

    I was 13 years old and I’d asked for a Yamaha keyboard for Christmas…I got a suitcase!!!

  36. charlotte says:

    I was given a box of mixed nails.

    to add insult to injury my gift was to be collected as it was to heavy to post.

  37. Philip Marshall says:

    I got a box of biscults but all the chocolate one had been eaten and then resealed to look new but it had gaps everywhere. The person who gave me must have forgot or got mixed up or had been having a midnight snack.

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