Sweet Of The Week!

Summer is finally in full swing and it is definitely the time of year to be down at the beach!

So for the chance to win out tasty sweet of the week, all you have to do is tell us your funniest beach memory!

If your comment gives us a good giggle down here at Chewbz HQ you could be the lucky winner of a jam-packed jar of jazzies!

57 thoughts on “Sweet Of The Week!

  1. Sarah Lamb says:

    My funniest beach memory is visiting Whitby with my mum and my husband. While I was relaxing and reading on the beach, minding my own business, my husband buried my legs in sand then my mum drew a mermaid tail on the sand! It made for a funny photo! Luckily I got out before the tide came in!

  2. Jayne Grant says:

    We were in Greece and used quad bikes to drive to a nearby beach. When our feet touched the sand, it was so hot, we had to run to the waters edge. Our 19 year old, well endowed daughter ran and by the time she got to the water, everybody around us were laughing and pointing at her. We looked around and realised her boob had jumped out of her bikini whilst running. She never lived it down all holiday, we were in stitches.

  3. Loretta Cerioli says:

    Our first family holiday with a friend in a caravan. Mum and her friend take the three of us children to the beach in Bournemouth having first prepared a huge salad packed into a lidded container. Mother and Florrie sat in chairs with arm rests with the bowl resting on the arms. Florrie moved her chair forward without forewarning and – hey presto! ‘Tossed salad’ was invented that day and is still a family favourite (only in fond memory).
    Yes, we did eat it, yes there was sand, but we were young and it was all part of the fun ….

  4. Glenn Hutton says:

    When I was 5 (1971) my family and I went on our first foreign holiday to Spain. On the beach there was some large rock formations with pools of water, which my Dad had placed a very bright, weird looking fish which he had caught. I put my hand in to cup/lift it out of the water and it latched onto my hand by its mouth, as I pulled my hand away into the air it was just hanging there. Of course I screamed and cried like a big baby whilst everyone was falling about laughing, I must admit I do not remember any blood and my Dad said that it was attached by suction, but I am not so sure, I swear to this day that it had gnawed it’s teeth into my palm like a Piranha and I am still nervous around fish to this day!

  5. simon stone says:

    Years ago, on Blackpool beach a seagull used my Mum’s head as a stop off and launching pad, in turn launching her headlong onto my Dad’s lap splattering his ’99 all down his shirt! My sister and I laughed for what seemed like weeks…

  6. Sue says:

    One of my small people eating sand… handfuls of it. Surprisingly she wasn’t sick afterwards either…

  7. Marina Wilson says:

    My memory is from only 4 weeks ago. i bought a metal detector and decided to use it to find some treasure at my local beach. My other half laughed at me and told me I was being stupid even thinking i would find something.Needless to say, I found a wallet (had a buckle on it) with £1000 in it; no ID or anything. I handed it in, and 2 weeks later, I received a cheque from the owner who was so surprised it had been handed in and he sent me a cheque for …(wait for it..) £1000!! I couldnt believe someone would send me a cheque for the same amount i found..i was a little dubious and thought the cheque might bounce..but it didnt. The golf was on at the time so i guess it must have been someone with money to spare..Other half asked for his ‘share’ so you know what my reply was to that!! Now who’s stupid!!

  8. cheryl lovell says:

    I was paddling in the sea in my new biking trying to look good in front of some boys ( I was very much younger) when a huge wave appeared out of nowhere and flung me to the ground. It made it worse that I couldnt get up and it took me a few attempts…i quickly left the area with my bedraggled hair!

  9. Carol Peace says:

    I am not sure if it’s funny but it does seem funny to me now.
    When I was little we would go to seaside for days and my Dad would buy a newspaper, get a deckchair and sit on the beach with his suit and shirt and tie on reading his newspaper.

  10. Christina Hedges says:

    My dad pretending to be a shark! Traumatised after watching Jaws at such a young age lol

  11. Stevie S says:

    I was about 5 or 6 years old and had somehow got covered from head to foot in this claylike mud and had to go into the sea to wash it off

  12. Teresa Naughton says:

    At the beach my boyfriend asked to borrow my jelly shoes and lost them in the sea so I wore his shoes and he had to cycle home with no shoes as punishment for for not being careful, but it’s better to loose jelly shoes than be stung by a jelly fish.

  13. Sue Gwynne says:

    The ‘other half’ lending his tyre dingy to a complete stranger who flipped a full 360 degrees and calmly paddled out to sea ….

  14. tony says:

    when I was about 7 I got lost on the beach, I had need to use the loo and my mum was waiting outside the door for me, but while I was inside they were cleaning the loos and closed the door I had come through and directed me to another door which was on the opposite side. I came out and couldn’t see my mum and panicked and started running, I ran and ran till I reached the end of the beach and some a romany gypsy lady saw I was distraught and asked me what my mum looked like, the only thing that I could think off was to say “my mum had her teeth mended at the dentist last week!” fortunately my dad had seen a glimpse of me running the wrong way and had chased after me and caught me up!

  15. Dee says:

    I remember being in the sea in Wales when i was a child. It was the year JAWS came out and we had been to the cinema the week before to see it. Dad was wading up to his waist and i was swimming round him. Out of the sea jumped a huge fish… massive. I ran on water trying to get out of the sea screaming “JAWS, JAWS” Everyone must have thought i was a right nut job :oO

  16. claire bickley says:

    my funniest memory is of an old boyfriend trying to look really cool and trendy and thinking he looked great and a seagull pooing all down his back. We were all helpless laughing he unfortunately didn’t see the funny side

  17. e scott says:

    Putting a newspaper over my head to keep the sun off, I fell asleep and woke up with newspaper print on my face lol

  18. philippa lunn says:

    I remember burying my dad when I was little right up to his neck in the sand and leaving him there all day!

  19. Jessica Foote says:

    It was a nice day so we decided to go to Breen. We got there and had lunch then decided to go for a walk on the beach with an ice cream. Un fortunately the wind had picked up and within two steps of the dunes our ice creams were covered in sand and had to be thrown away. We eventually fought our way through the sand storm. Lola, our dog, loved it!

  20. Cat says:

    I was on a school exchange in Spain, hanging out on the beach with the Spanish students we were staying with, and one of the Spanish guys in particular was gorgeous so I’d been trying to flirt with him all day. I thought it was going quite well! Then we all decided to make a human pyramid of the 6 of us, and being quite small I was supposed to go at the top. As I was climbing up though, I lost my balance, and desperately clung onto the others for support… it just so happened that I’d grabbed at the boy’s shorts who I’d been trying to impress, and managed to pull them completely down, whilst falling off the pyramid and landing on my bum, I’m not sure who was more embarrassed – him or me!

  21. kirsty meredith says:

    I was on a date with a guy who I really fancied. Hand in hand we walked along the seashore when he thought it would be funny to jokingly make me trip up!!!! I wasnt really meant to trip up but I did ending up in the water…. I just sat there! Nowadays if I was to do it I would be really angry and not see the funny side! I am married to the guy now so I guess that it meant something lol!!! 😉

  22. nadine says:

    i was on my honeymoon and the waves in the sea were huge. i walked into the water and my new husband was waiting in the sea for me. a huge wave came and completely knocked me off my feet it washed me into the shore, dragged me all along the sand, ruined my hair, i was totally bedraggled. i tried to get up gracefully and when i looked at my bikini i looked like i was wearing a thong and i had all sand burns over my thighs and bum. so much for trying to look good

  23. Lynn Blakeman says:

    I was about 20 and on a beach in Portugal with my then boyfriend. We decided it would be a good idea to jump some waves even though I can’t swim. Anyway, a large one got me and I lost teh whole of my bikini. The worst of it was I was so shocked by the wave that as I walked up the beach I had no idea at first that I was naked – I have been mortified ever since!

  24. Paula Phillips says:

    Falling in the sea fully clothed whilst on a first date.
    I was very embarrassed as I could have been a winner in a wet t-shirt contest.

  25. amber says:

    My funniest moment was when I was walking along the beach after a few dates with this new guy and there was a hole at the top where some steps were with a warning of danger, the dog being cheeky as he is decided to jump in and get stuck, I was so worried for him as he whimpered and started tugging at him to help him out however I lost my balance and fell down the hole covered in seaweed and smelly water, We were both stuck, luckily the guy i was seeing and two passers by pulled us both out unhurt but the white trousers i was wearing were seethrough and I was covered in seaweed and soaking, the guy i was seeing thought it was so funny…and we are still together two years on..the dog has developed a new hobby…getting stuck in sinking mud…

  26. Tracey Huber says:

    Sitting as a child on a windy east coast beach, huddling behind the perverbial windbreak,sandwiches and orange squash being dished out by mum, when suddenly a sandstorm erupted from behind the windbreak covering us and our sandwiches in sand. The dog had decided to dig a hole and was throwing the sand over the top of the windbreak onto us! Never did like sandy sandwiches!

  27. ashley clark says:

    I was playing cricket with my mum and brother when I hit the ball. My mum started to run off to catch the ball and it was like she sank into the sand LOL she fell flat on her face and we all sat there laughing for aout ten minutes!! Still makes me laugh haha!

  28. sandy lu says:

    I brought my little girl she was 2 years old and it was her first time down to the beach, we let her touch/feel the sand, her first reaction was :wash hand, wash hand……..

  29. Gemma Clark says:

    When went to Skegvegas as a child with my parents and my nan and we were all playing rounders on the beach and my nan went to catch the ball, tripped and landed with her head in the sand looooool

  30. jessica newman says:

    Me and my best friend went to tenerife when we were 18. We were having fun but rubbed each other up the wrong way. One day we went to the beach and the guy who sells melon came along so we bought one. WE ended up having a melon fight and a good old laugh and cleared the air. We were absolutely sticky and covered in melon and sand. We looked like some sort of sandy monsters lol

  31. diane r says:

    watching my child and grandchildren enjoying their first trips to the beach and wondering what the yellow stuff under foot was and shivering at the chill on their toes 🙂

  32. Darla Parsons says:

    Funniest beach memory for me is walking along th beach at St Ives in Cornwall enjoying ice cream with my hubby and kids when the seagulls ganged together overhead and dive bombed the hubby for his ice cream and stole it from him but left me and the kids alone to enjoy ours. Mmmm was yum!

    St Ives was packed too so my poor hubby has quite an audience 🙂

  33. Jaime Dowling says:

    Darla – exactly the same happened to us – took my partner’s ice-cream but left the rest of us alone! Those St Ives seagulls are terrible!

    Mine: My partner was bugging me so when he asked me to put suncream on his back, I wrote ‘wally’ on his back in the cream. I was only messing about but forgot about it – until he was getting ready for bed that evening and turned round revealing a pink back with ‘wally’ in white! Yikes! I was trying to apologise, but I couldn’t stop laughing!

  34. marj Fenton says:

    We went with the kids for an evening stroll on the beach, without bucket and spade.
    I saw a bucket abandoned (or so I thought) near lifeguard hut.
    I picked it up and got covered in pee. It was only what the lifeguards used as a toilet. yuk, always took our own bucket and spade after that.

  35. Lexy law says:

    When in Greece, me and my boyfriend ( now hubby btw) were having lunch, I just happened to glance at the elderly british couple next to us and didn’t think much of it. Later that day on the beach saw the same couple, only this time in beach attire. He was wearing leapord print speedos, and she was wearing a black thong and that was it. Didn’t know where too look, they were about 94 and I’m being generous!

  36. CRAIG JEFFERY says:

    Its not my memory, however, when I was young I was sat in my inflatable boat on the beach playing when a large wave came in and filled the boat, there I was, a young child floating in about 3 foot of water, but to me it seemed like I was in the middle of the pacific and I was not happy! Apparently I sulked for a week, atleast we can look back and laugh about it.

  37. katherine grieve says:

    My partner trying to be daniel craig coming out of the sea while we were on holiday in Greece, didnt work, especially when his swim shorts were half way down his leg when he got out – mortified!

  38. Jamie says:

    I think my funniest beach experience was my mum on my dad’s back, he was giving her a piggy back and she wet her self from laughing – she will kill me for this 🙂

  39. Jo F says:

    Me, sis and mum (who can’t swim) all in the Spanish sea for a dip. Mum managed to lose the lilo on a wave (I’ve no idea either, she wasn’t even on it!). She stood there looking all pathetic and lost waving her fingertips at the lilo (which was probably only about 10 yards away from her) shouting ‘LILO, LILO!’ at it! We still embarrass her with that story 20-odd years later…

  40. Sarah Redfern says:

    When i was about 7, i was burrying my dad in the sand and digging a moat around him. I stuck the spade in (with force…lol)to dig futher and my dad screamed and tried and failed to jump up from the sand……lol, i’d stuck the spade right across his toes…. my mum sat and laughed her head off at him trying to hobble out of the hole he was in. x

  41. Heather Jenkinson says:

    My funniest beach memory is of my grandparents taking me to Margate for the day back in 1975. I was five, and I remember eating a bag of chewy banana sweets, my grandad took two out of the bag, shoved them in his mouth so they looked like fangs, and then put my nan’s Bay City Rollers hat on his head, and proceeded to chase me around the beach! I have never forgotten that day!

  42. siobhan says:

    me and my daughter decided to spend a few hours on the beach together and they was an old couple sat beside us that would not budge a smile at all. carrying on with making sandcastles we heard a really large sqwauk a seagull had pooped all over the old mans head as we turned around a second seagull pooped on the womans head they was completly oblivious me and my daughter had told the giggles in without looking rude

  43. Kim Thompson says:

    Was only a teenager on an Isle of Wight beach holiday with family, came out of the sea to find a group of lads seated near us, they whistled as I went past, I tried to play it cool and threw myself down on my towel only to disappear down the hole my evil brother had dug under it and covered over. Face was sooo red and it wasn’t from the sun!

  44. Sam R says:

    i was with my cousin and we were wandering into the sea about waist height when we both saw a jellyfish in the water, cue much screaming and running for the beach looking very foolish

  45. sairz eastham says:

    Digging a huge hole near the sea, my friend wandered over to have a look, dropped her phone in as the tide flooded it 😀 😀

  46. Emma Martin says:

    My boyfriend and I doing the romantic Danny and Sandy beach scene from Grease!! We ran up to each other and instead of me jumping up, we bumped into each other and fell in the sea!! not cool!

  47. sultana says:

    Giving my mum and dad a heart attack in Southend when they thought they had lost me I had wandered off for literally 30 seconds. I must have been about 3-4 years old but unfortunately for them I was a rather curious, independent and mischevious little madam!

  48. Donna Lawton says:

    It just has to be my mum accidentally flashing a load of teenagers! She was my age (30’s) and she was in her bikini. She bent down to pick up their ball to throw it back and as she did her breast fell out of her bra. She hadn’t realised until she saw all their jaws drop! lol x

  49. Lian says:

    I went on holiday to Faliraki with friends, and one of the girls had disappeared with a guy but called me when I was back in the hotel and said I’m at the beach, come and find me. Err ok, the beach isnt that big?!?! I eventually found her, got back to the hotel, realised I had lost my purse (on the beach), so me and my friend traipse all the way back there…and actually find it, a tiny little purse. I took my sandals off while looking and lost one of them. But a small price to pay to find a friend and a purse!

  50. louise carter says:

    When my daughter was 8 months old, I took her and my 5yr old daughter to the beach. Whilst making sand castles, the baby was sat between us scooping up tiny handfuls of sand and squealing/ giggling. My older one then began laughing and squealing, shortly followed by myself! My baby had been eating handfuls of sand and was loving every minute of it!
    She was fine and this memory still makes us all giggle even though she is now 7.

  51. Solange says:

    I loved being taken to places like St. Ives in Cornwall, on holiday, and day trips from Bristol to Weymouth in Dorset, then up to Portland Bill and playing in the rock pools. It was quite deserted and my mother took sandwiches and a meths stove on which we heated a kettle for cups of tea.
    I was very lucky because my Dad was the only one among all my friends parents to run a car throughout and he would fill the back seat with children and take us all to the seaside.
    I shall always remember him saying “go and round up a car full of kids with their buckets and spades. It’s a fine day, let’s all have a treat”

  52. beth jackson-d'zacchaeus says:

    When I was little I went on a donkey ride on the beach, however the saddle wasnt on properly so I fell of, ive never been near a donkey or horse since . looking back now it does seem very funny

  53. beth jackson-d'zacchaeus says:

    When I was little I went on a donkey ride on the beach, however the saddle wasnt on properly so I fell of, ive never been near a donkey or horse since . looking back now it does seem very funny

  54. VIVIAN ALLMAN says:

    worse memory was in tenerife a freak wave washed us over and my eight year old had sand in her bikini bottoms, so much so that they hung down to her knees.. 🙁 we had to shower her in the beach shower to try and clean her up…i washed my bikini bottoms out when we got back to the hotel, after trying discretly to remove some of the sand whilst hiding under my sarong…………’s true sand gets everywhere…

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