Retro sweet of the week!

Happy Monday retro sweets fans!

As a new feature on the blog, every week we will be bringing you our Retro sweet of the week.

The chosen retro sweet will be the current favourite in the Chewbz office, and each week we’ll be telling you why we think it’s so fab!

We want you to get involved too, so leave a comment and let us know if you’re rating or hating this week’s choice…

Mmm Foam Bananas!

The very first Retro sweet of the week is none other than the Giant Banana!

Opening a bag of our yellow friends always leaves the Chewbz warehouse smelling delicious.

That soft, foamy goodness is almost impossible to resist, and chomping on one of these retro classics is guaranteed to bring back memories of Saturday pick-n-mix and cinema trips.

If only the real thing tasted quite as sugary sweet, then we’d be well on our way to five a day!

Right now we’re off to grab a Sweetshop Chewb, and indulge in our yellow foamy favourites…

What do you think of the Giant Banana?

3 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

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  2. donna ledger says:

    LOVE THEM, back in the 80’s when at school most of my pocket money would go on the Giant Banana, and now my 19 month old son loves them too.

  3. amy says:

    its a toss up between parma violets and bananas but i think bananas are probably the most vile sweet ever invented 🙂

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