Retro sweet of the week… winners!

Thanks so much for all your comments on last weeks Retro sweet of the week post Chewbz fans!

We knew Wham Bars were popular, but we were so happy so many of you wanted to relive those 80’s memories with us 🙂

Now if we could send a Wham out to all of you we would, but we’d need a great big warehouse full of Wham’s 🙁

We were so impressed with all the comments that we couldn’t choose between our favourite four, so we’ve chosen four lucky winners to get their sticky hands on some Wham Bars 😀

The winners are:

Denice for reminding us of the brilliant weekend telly ritual that was the Genration Game,

Kirstine for her brilliant Wham-tastic poem,

John because he was one of many to loose a tooth to a Wham addiction,

and finally Natalie because she’d rather spend her bus money and run the 3 miles to school for the sake of a Wham bar fix!

If you’re a lucky winner, we’ll be emailing you soon to get your details, so keep an eye on those inboxes.

Thanks again for all of your comments everyone, as always, there’s a new Retro sweet of the week coming up this afternoon so you could still be lucky!

Finally, here’s a little 80’s Top of The Pops fun for you to enjoy on your Monday 😉