Retro sweet of the week!

This weeks slithery Retro sweet of the week is not for the squeamish!

Since we added these serpents to our jelly range, the boys here at Chewbz HQ just can’t get enough of ’em!

This weeks sweet is of course…


Yellow Bellied Snakes!

If you’re a fan of Yellow Bellies then you’re in for a treat, as we’ve got a great big jar of these to give away this week!

We will choose one winner to get their hands on a large jar of these slimy snakes. All you need to do is leave a comment on this post!

Tell us what you think of our Retro sweet of the week, or why you’d like to win these and you could soon have lots of Yellow Bellied friends!

All comments need to be received before 9am next Monday 20th June to be in with the chance of winning :).

119 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Keith C says:

    Snakies!!!! These were brilliant, especially if you were a little boy as there’s nothing better than pretending you are eating a scary snake! So rarely got these because most of the time we got sweets it was in pick and mix form, and snakes are an absolute disaster for the pick n mix expert! Far too large and heavy (amazing how much economic sense a greedy little child can have!) so these were a pretty rare occurance and all the better for it, loved the way the flavour changes as the snake colour changes and the dissolvy belly bit! Yummy!

  2. Emma Winsor says:

    I cant wait to hide these under the bed so that the hubby has a sneaky surprise…;’)

  3. JoC says:

    I remember putting these in funny hiding places and giving my little sister a shock, but it didn’t last long as she soon realised they were scoffable 😉 Mum and Dad told me off though after catching her nearly eating an earthworm!

  4. chelsea says:

    I Remember hitting my big sister round the head with them :/ haha She’d always finish hers first and want mine 🙁 well she made the mistake of trying to pinch one of mine! there pretty heavy ( especially the head part ) oops lol mum never let us have them again 🙁 x

  5. Belinda Hendry says:

    i remember my grandad giving me his half pennies then off the shop i would go buying these especially now my children have these they are a bit more expensive than when i was a kid but just as nice

  6. Richard Holmes says:

    Some of the sweets we used to eat are just weird, these are one of them. I liked them, yet why would you want to eat a snake whole! OK because they tasted nice when they are made of jelly I’ll grant you.

  7. Helen Johnson says:

    Would love to win these so my daughter can taste one of the best retro sweets from my past

  8. Claire says:

    I used to love getting theses in mix ups, I’d eat the sections of one colour first and then stick all the other bits back together so the snake was one colour haha (saving my favourite colour for last)

  9. Luisa L says:

    I loved these, I would take them to the cinema on a Saturday moring and chew them throughout the film. They are a great retro sweet, and seeing them has made me want some to chomp on right now!!

  10. Anne-Marie Large says:

    I used to adore these as a child and I still do at 24 years old. My hubby and I fight over them. 😉

  11. Ene says:

    Well, me and my fiance are both sweetaholics, but yellow sweets are the only ones he doesn’t like!! Really want these.. 🙂

  12. Dan Branagan says:

    I love these and my girlfriend always complains when I fill our pick and mix up with snakes. (she says there to heavy haha)

  13. Karen Taylor says:

    I love jelly snakes, because I’m the weird snake lady! (and that’s just what my friends call me) :0)

    I love everything slithery and have 9 pet snakes at home. So to compine my favourite animal with some candy goodness is just great.

    Bring on the sweets :0)

  14. Gemma Harrison says:

    I worked with a young lad called Ian a few years ago and one day he said to me “do you know the film ‘snakes on a plane’? well I have a snake in my pants” I looked at him very unimpressed until he pull one of these out of his pocket.

  15. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Oh wow! I’d totally forgotten all about these! My brother used to buy them and we used to play the “guess what I’m feeding you” game. He always used these as they tasted delish but were quite slimy.

  16. stuart payne says:

    I use to hide these in my sisters bed to scare her, the only problem was she would jump but then eat the snake!!

  17. Winifred Davidson says:

    I love these, bite off the heads first – so they can’t bite me and then gobble-up the body. yum yum yum

  18. Tracy Nixon says:

    I used to love these – anything made of jelly! I would always chew the head off the nibble right down to the tail!!!

  19. Matthew Jones says:

    These snakes are great for all the family, im still a big kid at heart and love these bad boys!

  20. Siobhan says:

    Oooooh I used to LOVE these. I always bit them right through the middle to annoy everyone who started from one end xD It’s amazing how particular people can be about their sweeties!

  21. Bethany-Rose says:

    Oh my goodness!! I have not seen these for ages!! I used to love them, biting their heads off! Used to make my mum feel sick!!

  22. kerry says:

    me,my partner and children all love gummy,chewy sweets but we have to hide them as my partner eats them till there finished especially snakes.

  23. Sarah Laycock says:

    We used to hide these in each other’s beds! Would still make me scream if I spotted one outside a sweet jar!

  24. Jane Adair says:

    Pelamis platura (yellow bellied sea snake), whilst venomous, has no history of killing humans, only fish, but I bet they don’t taste as good as their jelly counterparts!

  25. lucy osborne says:

    hmmmmm love these, they were foamy but chewy and jellyish at same time! i’mpleased to say i have passed mylove of these tomy kids who make them slither all over the furniture!!

  26. Rachael Lines says:

    I would love to win these as they would be perfect for decorating the table at my sons 4th Birthday party which is going to be jungle themed, Imagine all the snakes everywhere hisssssinggggg, the children would love to find them! Even if I dont win, you have given me a fab idea 😀 Many thanks. xx

  27. Rachael Lines says:

    Argh I wrote 4th, I meant 3rd – Such a bad mistake to make >.< I blame the sugar rush from the snakes!

  28. Laura Barker says:

    These were always my favouorite sweet from the pick and mix, they seemed to take ages to eat! I’d love to win them.

  29. Bon williams says:

    I bought some of these for my sweets buffet at my wedding, unfortunately the kids got to them before I did…!I love them if I won i’d hide them under the bed and keep them all to myself!x

  30. Libby Alexander says:

    Haven’t had these for years. Would love to relive my youth and try these again.

  31. Debbie G says:

    Love the snakes …I could line them all up against my real snake Zippy and get my friend to take a chance on picking a jelly one !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  32. Tim Bain says:

    I remember biting careful to bite their heads off first..what a nasty child I was lol

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  34. Anna Smith says:

    wow everyone used to love these me included!

    i remeber when you used to be able to get these in the pic and mix in woolworths!!

    these would be a great present for finishin my exams!

    my last alevel is on tuesday! so these would be lovely


  35. Sue Maben says:

    I must say that everyone has said it all except that i used to bit the head and pull them for as long as i could to see how far they would stretch,we used to have competitiuons to see who got them the longest.I got mine to stretch to almost 4inches.I cheated and warm it up so it went softer,lol, and then stretched further.Memory lane such a lovely place to be.x

  36. katrina walsh says:

    I remember them being a lot more expensive than the other penny sweets they were stored near and as a result I was only ever to have 1 in my bag lol!I would love to bring these round to ‘Mothers’ and show her I had made it big by having a bagful!

  37. Naomi says:

    my kids adore these! They suck them and stretch them and generally make themselves really sticky!

  38. michael worth says:

    because even though i’m 32 i’m really still a kid at heart & like having sweeties whenever i get the chance

  39. Deb Henderson says:

    We we were kids we used to stretch ’em out to see who could get longest s-n-a-k-e!!

  40. Amanda Dow says:

    I had a Saturday job in the local Newsagent/Sweetie shop when I was at school and loved making up the 20p mix bags and putting all my favourite jelly sweets, snakes included, in them. I hope all the other kids in the area liked them aswell!

  41. Jennifer Kelly says:

    Why do I like them? Om, nom, nom!! Jelly sweets are the best, big slippery snakey jelly sweets are a dream 😀

  42. annette hanley says:

    I used to buy these for my oldest daughter would love to share them again with her youger brother and sister and would to see what my grandchildren think of them.

  43. lou gourley says:

    oh i used to love these…..mmmmm-always used to stretch them first to try and make them last longer!!!

  44. rae h says:

    I used to love buying the kids these when they were smaller and getting one for myself, jelly sweets just make you feel like a child again!!

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