Retro sweet of the week!

This week, we’ve chosen an utter classic as our Retro sweet of the week.

They have a fruity, brightly coloured shell that melts in the mouth, revealing a surprise sherbet explosion that’s out of this world (sorry!)…

It is of course… Flying Saucers!

Flying Saucers!

These retro favourites are one of the most popular sweets in our Retro and Sweetshop mixes.

They weigh next to nothing, yet they taste so good!

Are you all Flying Saucers fans too?

Leave a comment and let us know what you think of our Retro Sweet of the week and you could be in with the chance of WINNING SOME SWEETS!

The Chewbz office will choose their favourite comment next Monday, and the winner will get some sweets in the post.

So get writing away, you only have until next Monday to tell everyone why you love or hate Flying Saucers!

12 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Kirsty Rockett says:

    These sweets are epic I love the sherbet in the middle it gives them a bit of a kick they are one of my all time fav sweets!

  2. sarah wigglesworth says:

    they are re-youthanating sweet they make u think of the last day at school with ur 50p trying to decide wot sweets to get

  3. Fiona says:

    They are out of this world!! The way the outside melts in the mouth then the fizz of the sherbet – I love them!!

  4. Sarah says:

    Spacey bursts of sherbert heaven,
    in assorted colours from pink to blue.
    Sweet yet sour with fizzing power,
    place on your tongue for some sweet tasting fun
    Flying Saucers are my favourite too!

  5. Dominic says:

    I once challenged a friend to a Flying Saucer eating contest. I won, in fact I won in style and the loser (Rob “The Loser” Lendon) has never really gotten over it.

    Anyway, great sweet choice!

  6. Gemma says:

    I love flying saucers they’re like a party in your mouth….and everyone’s invited! My fiancee and i love them so much we’re even having them at our wedding!

  7. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    That’s a whole lotta Flying Saucer love!

    It’s been another great week of comments, thanks so much to everyone for taking part.

    This week’s winner is… Sarah!

    Sarah, we just loved your Flying Saucer rhyme,If you could drop us an email with your address then we’ll send a prize your way!

    Thanks again sweets fans 🙂

  8. Najma says:

    Once u eat flying saucers u can’t stop… Thy soooooo Superliciouse yummy
    smooth on the outside n sweet on da inside. Love da taste and da whole
    Different colour look… 😉 <3

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