Retro sweet of the week!

Monday again, raining again? 🙁

Turn that frown upside down, because with our Retro sweet of the week competition Chewbz is giving you the chance to take a sweet trip down memory lane and WIN some retro sweets 😀

Here in the Chewbz office, we never grow bored of minty boiled sweets. You know, the proper classic kind that you always used to find a stash of in your grandparents house.

This weeks retro sweet is a very close relation to the Humbug, can you guess?

It is of course…

Everton Mints

The Everton Mint!

You can’t beat these stripy sweets for the ultimate in nostalgic comfort, just like a lovely little minty hug 🙂

The best part, of course, is when you reach the squidgy toffee centre, ahhh…

If you’d like to win a stash of these, simply leave a comment on this post by 9 am on Monday 28th February. Tell us what you think of our choice of sweet, love it or hate it?

Do you think we should add Everton Mints to our boiled sweet range?

19 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Sue Maben says:

    Most definitely it should be added.There is nothing like an Everton mint.The coolness of the lovely mint then the gorgeous smooth creamy toffee centre is just heavenly.I guess you could say i love Everton mints.

  2. cheryl hadfield says:

    i have fond memories of everton mints. My grandad always had some in his car for when we went on day trips out to Blackpool, and North wales. When i have them nowadays i always remember the good times when i was little!

  3. Rachel Medhurst says:

    I think you should add these to your range. They are lovely and I have always liked them. I just struggled not to chew them straight away!

  4. katherine grieve says:

    the best mints by far and my OH would say the best football team by far too!!! The inside is the nicest of all, soooo chewy and sweet. YUMMY!!!

  5. Joshua Wiffen says:

    Definitely should be added! Love them to bits, so tasty, crunchy on the outside soft and gooey on the inside!

  6. jodie smith says:

    should definitely be added. nom nom one of my favourite mints all chewy and yummy. i’d luuuurrrrve to have a stash of them!

    btw, why are they called everton mints? do you know?


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  8. Sue Maben says:

    In answer to Jodie Smiths question…..How did Everton Mints get their name…..Barker and Dobson introduced the mints to honour Everton Football Club.Best thing they ever made.xxSue xx

  9. Elaine H says:

    I love Everton mints, its always great when you reach that chewy bit in the middle. Definitely add them x

  10. Crystal Mse says:

    Most definitely ! They’re delicious and remind me of being a little’n !! Yum , Yum , Yum ! A MUST HAVE for airplane travel ! x

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