Retro sweet of the week!

This weeks Retro sweet of the week Is a proper traditional sweetshop favourite…

After a few special corporate orders, we’ve all gone a bit crazy for yummy boiled sweets at Chewbz HQ. They’ve been reminding us of those really old school sweetshops, with the lovely glass jars.

One of our all time favourites has to be…

Chocolate Limes!

Chocolate Limes

We just can’t get enough of these Retro sweets,with their tangy lime shells and hidden chocolate centres, nothing quite compares!

What do you think of Chocolate Limes?

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9 thoughts on “Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Emily Sargeant says:

    Hmmmm… Chocolate Limes. I do have wonder if there is anything you could post that I dont like!

    I love walking into the old style sweet shops and seeing all those glass jars. I especially love all the different colors. The green of these chocolate limes are one of my favorite colors.

  2. Jax Li says:

    I love these they are always my first choice of sweet my hubby is diabetic and he buy’s the sugar free version they are horrid he likes to unwrap mine and replace them with his and then wrap them up again so now i have to hide them from him.

  3. Sue Maben says:

    The tangyness of the limes makes me think of summers in spain with a tall glass of lime and soda and then the chocolate centre just melts and makes me think of winters by the fire with a mug of hot chocolate.They are just so heavenly.

  4. Sally says:

    I have to admit when i first heard of chocolate limes, I screwed my nose up in disgust, because it sounded such a strange, unappetising combination.
    I finally plucked up the courage to taste it afew weeks later, and couldn’t stop eating them.
    I have to say if all weird combinations tasted as good, i’dbe ecstatic. 🙂

  5. Alison says:

    I used to cut my tongue on these things trying to get to the chocolate! Luckily I am older and wiser now… They say they leave the best ’til last 🙂

  6. scott carruthers says:

    probably one of the strangest boiled sweets ever created but also one of the best, you suck away at the lush lime flavour and even though you know its chocolate in the centre it still comes as a pleasant shock when you taste it.

  7. Aisha says:

    Mmmmm these bring back memories of rushing to the paper shop after school!! They had the flass jars and the shopkeeper would carefully count/weigh what we wanted. It was my dearest ambition at the time to own a sweet shop lol.
    I also used to cut m tongue on these quite a bit, but it never stopped me from buying more!

  8. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Thanks for the great comments retro sweet fans 🙂

    This week our favourite was by … Sue!

    Sue, we loved your description of Chocolate Limes, I don’t think we could have put it better ourselves!

    Thanks again for taking part everyone, we really do love hearing your thoughts.

    Keep your eyes peeled tomorrow morning for our brand new Retro sweet of the week!

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