Olympic Sweet of the week

At long last the Olympics have started. So we have decided the competition of the week should take on a sporting theme!

We would love you to let us know what your most embarrassing sporting moment has been, whether at a school sports day or even at the real Olympics.

This weeks prize is a jar of Alphabet Letters.

Competition closes 2nd August 2012

46 thoughts on “Olympic Sweet of the week

  1. Nia says:

    One P.E lesson at high school we had to practice our high-jump techniques. I was in year 7 at the time and was trying to get to know as many people as I could, we had metal stand-up markers around the hall to guide us around until we eventually reached the high jump apparatus. It was my turn to jump, so i took a run up and ran around the markers, totally unaware that my t-shirt got caught on the marker. I dragged it along the floor with me, totally unaware that my t-shirt was exposing ALL of my chest. What a great way to introduce myself to my new classmates!!

  2. carla maloney says:

    A few years back at my sisters sons sports day, my sister was to embarrassed to enter the mothers race.I felt sorry for him so I tooke her place. I was so determined to make him proud, that I went off too quick and spent the next 10 seconds hurling myself through the air and eventually landing face down in the grass! I was so embarrassed. Even though I was doing them a favour, they laughed and laughed at me! Never again 🙂

  3. Sinead O'Callaghan says:

    I was working in Blackburn and staying in a hotel where Blackburn Football team had free use of the gym facilities. I was trying to look very cool while jogging on the running machine. It was all going according to plan until one of my colleagues came in and shouted my name, I turned around and of course lost my footing and slid off! Mega embarrasing as there were a few of the footballers there!

  4. Sinead OCallaghan says:

    I was working in Blackburn and the hotel I was staying in had gym facilities which the Blackburn footballers had free unlimited access to. I was trying my best to jog cooly on the running machine and all was going according to plan until one of my colleagues came in and called my name. I turned around, lost my footing and came hurtling off the running maching! Mega embarassing, particularly when my fall was witnessed by a few of the footballers!

  5. Gemma Tranter says:

    An embarrassing sports moment for me that I was remember was at school, during swimming (which I loved), I had a verucca and had to wear one of those weird white verucca socks. So it wasn’t exactly something I could hide, everyone knew that I had a verucca lol. I remember feeling really embarrassed about it. Hardly attractive or a fashion statement…shameful!

  6. Rebecca Coyne says:

    Think the most embarrassing has to be the three legged race i did under duress many years ago one school sports day. Between the two of us i think we must have been the most uncoordinated pair in the whole of the school. We were awful. We fell over within seconds and jist could not get a rhythm. I don’t think we got very far from the starting line. Everyone else had finished and we were still tripoimg all over the place… They abandoned the rest of the race , we didnt even get to finish

  7. Donna Lawton says:

    Mine was at my little 3 and a half year olds sports day last month. I took part in the mummys race and they are a serious bunch of runners around here.

    We had to run with the egg on a spoon whilst wearing wigs and turning round and round. I had only expected to run!!!

    Anyway, another woman nudged me (they are a serious bunch I tell you). I went flying head over heels and obviously came last. The whole thing was caught on camera and the photo is still on the wall at her preschool now! Cringe.

    Little one was happy though. 🙂 x

  8. fiona butler says:

    Waiting at the finishing line for my 3 year old to encourage him to actually run towards the finishing line, as I squatted down with the camera, I ripped the bum out of my skinny jeans, in front of at least 100 other parents, all the nursery teachers and the headmaster!!! EEEK! Luckily I had a cardigan and was able to tie it around my waist to cover up the offending cheek, but I was VERY embarrassed. The jokes are still coming, a year later!

  9. Julie McLaren says:

    I do enjoy a long run and obviously have worn my clothes out a bit. Whilst out on a nice evening plod i wondered why i was getting a few more glares than normal. My shorts had split at the back showing off my not so best knickers and frozen-pastry coloured buttocks!

  10. carol coldicott says:

    School sports day – parents race, I ran, it started to rain, and my nice, white cheese cloth shirt, became see through – just like my mesh effect bra!

  11. jessica cook says:

    at my little sisters schools sports day, as her older sister i was aloud to take part in the siblings three legged race with her. with her being younger she went off like a rocket leaving me to fall flat on my face and at the same time my trousers ripping at the bum to reveal my cookie monster knickers haha oh the shame x

  12. Heather says:

    During a horse riding lesson we were practising our jumping and my horse wasnt the most agile. She refused one of the jumps and I fell onto her neck. I was stuck and began to laugh then my top shot up around my neck and my bra was on show to the whole class 🙁

  13. scott carruthers says:

    playing Fifa 12 on the xbox and as i was about to score, it was such a tight angle, i, for some reason made a kicking action with my leg aswell, and kicked the corner of the table full on and broke my toe, only i could injure myself playing a football computer game lol

  14. Suzanne Cooke says:

    I ended up in hospital with a concussion doing the high jump, BUT I cleared the bar jut missed the bed and fell on my head. Never lived it down.

  15. katie finlay says:

    sack racing at primary school sports day and a bird poo’ed on my shoulder 🙁 lol

  16. tony says:

    in the swimming pool, absentmindedly swimming off and getting tangled up with someone doing their elementary test, I felt awful, but had water in my ears, so they were all muffled and so I didn’t hear the whistle go to tell us to stay out of the pool.

    the poor lad only had about 15ft feet of his test left and he burst into tears and had to wait another week to take it again.

  17. Christine Stephens says:

    I used to do gymnastics as a child which I absolutely loved. One day I had a really bad stomache but didn’t want to miss it. My coach was supporting me in a back flip when I let off an enormous fart in mid air….right in his face! I don’t know who was more embarrassed, me or coach!

  18. leighanne palfrey says:

    I was doing the egg and spoon race when I was about eight , dropped my egg and stood on it , although it was hard boiled it still was impossible to fit back on the spoon lol 🙂

  19. Julia says:

    At school we had to run a few laps around our sports field for sports day. I ran around twice and passed the finish line. I was really happy to have won and I could hear my parents shouting my name and I thought they were happy for me as well but I realized they were telling me to keep running as I had another lap to go. Most people had already passed me by that time and I ended up as one of the last people to finish.

  20. Rachael Simmons says:

    The entire school did a cross country race in January whe it was freezing. I was sick with a bad cough and I came last! Everyone was laughing and jeering at me, and all I could do was hang my head in between coughing fits and attempt to run a couple of feet before reverting back to a stumble 🙁

  21. Lyndsay says:

    When I was about 8 years old, we were playing kwik-cricket at primary school. I was bowling, and as I went to throw the bowl, my P.E. skirt fell down and landed round my ankles! Needless to say, everyone laughed, but it was made much worse by being the centre of the game.

    Since then I’ve had a tiny phobia of both PE skirts and group sports!

  22. Sarah-Jane Laycock says:

    Snapping the elastic in my navy blue gym knickers whilst attempting to perform a fosbury flop in the high jump – lowest point of my lacklustre sporting prowess. The highest I’ve ever jumped since then is to reach a can of beans at the top of my cupboard…………..!

  23. Dee says:

    My most embarrassing moment has to be when I was in 4th year high school, getting ready for a hockey match. We were warming up for the match on the same pitch as the kids that wanted to be in the hockey team. I was just loosening up with my hockey stick when I felt an excruciating pain in my eye just before passing out on the pitch. It turned out the girl behind me (back to back) was attempting to play hockey.. must have thought she was playing golf, swung her hockey stick like a driver and smacked the ball in my eye…. thinking some one was taking the mickey she pulled really hard nearly taking my eye out. The next thing i was coming round. Missed the match which was won without me…. totally gutted. I was left with a black eye and grazed knees where i hit the deck :o((

  24. leah finch says:

    I was taken swimming by the school to find they had packed Leotard for me not swimsuit..Result was wet leotard ends up extremely stretched and hanging below my faces all medal but the quickest sprint to the changing room ..

  25. Sam R says:

    Last time i ran was for the bus and later that day i had never felt such pain! i could barely stand up the muscles in my legs were aching so much

  26. siobhan says:

    Cant believe im actually going to share this but i have a very competitive attitude and i had a certificate to complete in swimming when i was younger we could do 25 full lengths in the space of 4 lessons, but me being competitive decided to do the whole 100. mum was so proud of me she took me to the shop and let me go in with my little sister. well i got the urge to wee id swallowed that much water swimming i just could not hold it in and im trying to act casual while im weeing my pants as i was so embarrassed i ran out to the car leaving my little sister in the shop. she told me the shop lady came up to her give her a mop and bucket and said have you had a little accident in front of a shop full of people safe to say my treats had to wait that day

  27. Amanda Johnson says:

    Mine was turning up at the kids sports day, all dressed up in a tracksuit ready for the race, drinks for the kids, day booked off work, only to find I turned up a day early 🙁 and I had booked the wrong day off so I ended up missing it and their nan had to go instead. I was gutted and very embaressed at the school when the head sent me away lol.

  28. ANNE BOSTWICK says:

    Years ago, winning the Sunday school sprint and going up to collect my prize only for the judge to give the Cadbury’s chocolate flake to her own child, who had come second!

  29. Liz says:

    Embarassment with a touch of Nostalgia

    When I was young lady many moons ago
    I lost the halter strap off my brand new designer swimsuit at the Lido

    That was when I had somethings to be enbarassed about
    Sadly gone now (lost to cancer)

  30. jennie jackson says:

    My sports day at school – i was in the relay and fell over as i was just about to pass the baton!

  31. Maddy says:

    Any situation involving myself & sport is doomed to embarrassment, am just to unco-ordinated. Even something as gentle as Pilates (Can it be deemed a sport?!) is fraught with dangers. There’s something about those movements that seem to free up all the gas trapped in your system-noisily! I’m sure you don’t need more humiliating detail!

  32. Melissa Gazi says:

    My most embarassing sport relating time was my first P.E. lessons in High School (from going to a tiny Primary school of 50 children to a massive High School of 2000 pupils). I had accidentally brought my indoor kit instead of outdoor and the teacher made me do netball in my leotard… it was horrible and cruel considering starting a school was scary in itself!

  33. Andy Craig says:

    I was once featured on “Today at the Test”. Alas, not for any sporting prowess – I briefly united the entire North Stand at Headingley Cricket Ground in a chant of “Who Are Ya?”, after unknowingly pouring my entire pint onto the floor when chatting to a friend directly in front of it.

  34. ClairejB says:

    I have never been particularly good at sports unfortunately. One embarrassing memory from my school days is having left my P.E kit at home and being made to rummage through the lost property box to find an ill fitting and grubby kit to borrow and being laughed at by all the other kids. 🙁

  35. Dean says:

    When I was little I went to football try outs and my dad took me we pulled up and I walked over to the pitch and the man sed this football is for 13 year old not 9 year old but he still let me play and I wads running with the ball an I took it past the keeper and it was a open goal and I hit it as hard a I could and I kicked straight over the bar and all the kids Were laughing at me :'(

  36. Lynn Blakeman says:

    I was only about 5 and had to take part in the sack race on my school sports day. I just couldn’t do it at all and it was SO embarrassing that everyone else had finished and I was still near the start. None of the teachers came on to tell me to quit so I carried on and it took me ages. I was in floods of tears when I got to the finish line 🙁

  37. Lauren says:

    Falling over at about 5/6 in the egg and spoon race. Landed on the egg and it was all over my white P.E top! I cried my little eyes out, not because I was embarrassed or had fallen over, but because I hadn’t won!

  38. amy shaw says:

    playing football with my son i went to kick the football and slipped and broke my coccyx worse thing was the place was packed

  39. Kirsty says:

    I can’t believe I’m sharing this on the internet (it still makes me go red!) but I love alphabet letters…

    I went along to the ladies tennis training for the first time when I was 14. I was the youngest by about 20 years and my bra strap broke and it all fell down onto the court for everyone to see, including a male coach. I ran to the bathroom where I hid for quite a while.


  40. ashley clark says:

    I remember being in infant school and having to skip against a few other kids, the only problem was i had no idea how to skip! I was flipping the rope around me trying to skip but almost tripping over everytime until some parents shouted just run! I remember running but coming last way after everyone else had finished! My mum later said that she didnt know you had to be taught how to skip…. haha!

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