Ho ho ho! Christmas stocking special!

Seasons greetings Chewbz fans!

It’s been a busy start to the festive period for all our Chewbz Elves, who have been busy expertly creating and packing a mountain of sugary gifts to send across to the North Pole :).

To say a little thank you, we thought it was about time we gave you a chance to win a little something festive…


For this week only, we are giving away 10 of our famous Christmas Stockings! How sweet would it be to wake up to one of these cute sweet treats on Christmas Day? That’s if you can resist pouring out the Drumsticks, Love Hearts, Fizzers, Fruity Pops and all the other nostalgic goodies crammed inside!

To be in with the chance of winning, we want to know… what is the worst Secret Santa gift you have received? Or, are you guilty of sending a lame Secret Santa gift to your colleague?

The comments that put the biggest smiles on our faces will win a Stocking each :).

Make sure you leave your comment before next Tuesday, the 13th December.

98 thoughts on “Ho ho ho! Christmas stocking special!

  1. Amanda says:

    Worst present I didn’t buy it but I played apart in getting it was a russ Abbott hat with ginger hair and tartan hat attached we bought it fir a lass because she dyed her hair blind but it went ginger hahaha we thought it was good but lass was not impressed at all

  2. julie o' connor says:

    I’m a real tom boy and I love my sport and one year my sister bought me a makeup case as a secret santa pressie and to this day I very rarely wear makeup and when I do my other sister puts it on me!!!

  3. Alyson Dyball says:

    The worst secret Santa pressie I ever got was a desk set, calculator, pen and notepad, pretty useless for a checkout operator in B&Q !

  4. John Meredith says:

    I have had Two bad presents from the same person as a Secret Santa.
    One was a bag of sprouts the other was a tin of baked beans in chocolate sauce.. They were not that bad actually.

  5. Sophie says:

    The worst secret santa present I have ever received, believe it or not, was a sock. with a post-it note saying ‘Dobby is free’.

    They knew that I was interested in Harry Potter and for some reason they decided that this would be the best present to give me!

    I’ve kept the sock for the memory, it gives me a laugh every now and then.

  6. annah says:

    the worst christmas secret santa present that i brought was a present for a male colleague. it was a book about the ‘guides to ironing. how to get it prefectly flat’. he didn’t see the funny side to it. but all the girls at work did.

  7. debbie craig says:

    A cheese board off a lady i cared for. It was left under the tree for two weeks. Bless her she did not know it had to be kept in the fridge. PONG!!!!

  8. claire howard says:

    I worked on a team in an office and we did secret santa every year and 1 year I received a mrs claus outfit. It was awful, too small (the team made me put it on) and so embarrassing especially when the seam came unstitched (cringe). I still have nightmares about it now!

  9. jennie says:

    2 years ago i got a usb powered mug warmer and a 3 bulb ceiling light fitting from my father in law. I have no idea why he thought i would want them, i think he just had them lying around his flat.

  10. Ashleigh Summerskill says:

    Last year I had to buy a secret santa present for a guy who I didn’t really get on well with in work. He was quite vain and always worried that he might be going bald, so I bought him a big black toupee and insisted that he wear it all day (in the true spirit of Christmas). He got some funny looks, but he wore it all day, and even walked around town with it on. He had a good laugh about it himself, but not as much as I did 🙂

  11. Kari says:

    One year I received a candy g-string and the next year I got a candy garter!!!

    Loved the candy but seriously who would eva wear it!!

    Think there was a bit of a theme going on each year!!

    Oh and it was a work colleague!!!

  12. Joan Greenshields says:

    I got a gift from someone in secret Santa that was a smelly toilet set that had been lying in someone’s bathroom the metal on the outside was all rusted and green, joining the smelly set was a bug photo frame with ants spider and so on!! To make things worse the gift bag was reused had layers of cellotape along the top and inside it was all dusty and there was a hair! Let’s just say I have never joined in on Secret Santa again!

  13. Emily Douglas says:

    Well, this year I’m buying for a ‘new girl’ in our friend group.
    She’s very shy, innocent and doesn’t understand the group’s dirty humour, and when I found out I was her secret santa, I knew it was my time to shine.
    I’ve bought her four presents with the following writing on them;
    Condoms- “For the crazy night out!”
    Aspirin- “For the painful morning after..”
    Pregnancy Test- “For those doubtful thoughts.”
    Baby bottle- “For when the test proves positive!”

    We can’t wait to see her face when she opens them, but we will be cracking up for sure!! Of course I’ll buy her something nice as well (maybe a stocking of Chewbs??), but I won’t let on until after she’s got this litle number 😉

  14. gemma campbell says:

    We used to do one at my old work and it was mixed staff everyone was gettin like hats gloves em alcohol ! I got tit tassels !! ( I have no idea why ) it turned out really funny all tryiÑ to get them to work (with clothes on) lol

  15. Orla says:

    We did a secret santa in uni and of the 10 or so people that did it, I was the only person who’s Secret Santa didn’t bring a present… So… Nothing… Lol.

  16. emma sly says:

    Please please please please pleeaasssee? I’m ill and would love something like this to help me get into the Christmas spirit 🙂

  17. emma sly says:

    Besides the worst secret Santa gift I’ve ever recieved? a box of batter mix left over from pancake day 🙁

  18. Hayley says:

    I received an interesting surprise box from a colleague that I had not got around to opening. On Christmas day my aunt came for dinner with her pooch. The dog had disappeared under the Christmas tree for some time and then suddenly emerged foaming at the mouth with a delightful rabid Santa beard! She had been devouring my gift which turned out to be a little basket with a cat shaped soap curled up in it! On top of that she had also consumed a humongous wedge of Stilton that was brought as a gift by my aunt and was intended to be served after lunch. Needless to say, dear old Sally (the dog, not my aunt!)became rather queasy in the middle of dinner…. (I won’t go on!)

  19. helen says:

    I had to buy an ex co-worker who caused me a load of problems at my old job (now self employed)a secret santa gift, i even tried to exchange with someone else, they were just not happy unless they were stiring the POOOOOOH for me regarding starting up my own business, so the only thing that kept coming to mind was a loo roll, wrapped in very nice wrapping paper that i had sprinkled itchy powder on then rub slightly off before wrapping. I wasn’t bothered as xmas eve was my last day of that job anyway :-)xx

  20. Gillian Farquharson says:

    o.m.g. i got mens pyjamas from my gran , they were awful , paisley patterned , not very glamourous , and even worse they were mens pyjamas !

  21. Pete says:

    Here I was, at a large corporate gathering and tons of people at the famous Secret Santa ceremony. I had given a very nice gift and was expecting something decent at least, if not nice. But lo and behold, I was handed a broken (!) snow-globe of Disneyworld circa 1987! No water in it, a bit wet on the outside, it was obviously taken from an old box by someone who thought, ‘Well, this’ll do…’


  22. Lauren says:

    Last year i didnt know what to get for my work collegue so i wrapped up a tile clock with an advertisement for dog food on the front (we had a bunch of them as freebies to give out at the shop. as you can imagine he wasnt too impressed – he doesnt even have a dog

  23. Giselle says:

    I myself have had teatowels and dusters bought for me!! But my husbands nasal hair clippers and luminous pink socks beat that any day! Hum!!! Merry Christmas x

  24. tracy says:

    the worst present i got was a glass bowl (it had a horrible pattern on it) from my mother in law i managed not to break it til i got home when it accidently fell on the ground as i took it out the car, went out next day and bought a half decent one and to this day she thinks it the one she bought me 🙂

  25. Alyson says:

    When your Secret Santa gift is presented with your name spelt wrong on the tag you know it’s not someone who knows you well. My low expectations were well and truly met that year.

  26. trevor griffiths says:

    the one from the master of wit and repatree who wasn’t and we all know what we think of that.

  27. Claire D says:

    I had the most hideous necklace last year but felt I had to wear it to work so it looked like I liked it

  28. ashleigh says:

    I once spent agesss buying my secret santa present (cost a pretty penny too) turns out the girl i was buying for was also buying for me she told me she had forgotten t bring my present and would collect it at lunch time. When she returned after lunch she handed me a 10p sweetie mix she had clearly bought from the shop 🙁 i was gutted

  29. carol coldicott-stirmey says:

    My worst ever,was several sachets of packet soup,in odd flavours, leek and date? Cabbage and mint? Leek and beetroot! erm, most odd

  30. Mary Preston says:

    The worst Secret Santa gift ever has to be the used socks – in their defense they were Christmas socks.

  31. barbara clarke says:

    my worst present was a dolphin shaped toilet brush holder. unfortunately it broke soon after I received it

  32. laura banks says:

    i used to be a cleaner years ago but very bad at it and my secret santa gift was a set of dusters and some polish did find it funny though

  33. carol harris says:

    for our secret Santa many years ago we all agreed to make a Christmas cracker and put a prezzie of less than £10 inside, meaning like costume jewelery, sweets etc, well i received a lovely cracker with an empty toilet roll inner concealing my lovely prezzie of handy andy(i think that’s what they were called)tissues. who knew what they were thinking when they made that cracker eh lol xxxx

  34. mary hughes says:

    At my last company someone gave me a hot water bottle in the secret santa. I’ve got NO idea why? Maybe I said I was cold once…?
    I spent ages picking a present for the person I had to buy for so I was a bit miffed!

  35. Lauren says:

    Someone gave me Marmite Chocolate, Now i like chocolate and I’m partial to a cheeky bit of marmite on toast, but the combination of the two was horrific! The worst thing was having to eat some in front of everyone and pretend like what was in my mouth didn’t taste of sick!!

    Still makes me gag just thinking about it!

  36. Claire Leslie says:

    one year I was given a pair of massive tacky hoop earrings, bought from primark at £1.50 (when the spending range was supposed to be £5-10). The worst part was, I didn’t even have my ears pierced!

  37. Kathryn Worsley says:

    My worst secret Santa gift was a family set of four reflective safety vests!!!! Years later I’ve still not figured out why I got given them!!!

  38. alison beck says:

    For my secret santa this year I bought what I thought was a good present a few things from the body shop that is untill we were talking before we gave them out and the girl I got said remember that year someone got me body shop stuff and I was allergic to it neadless to say my face fell as I had totally forgot about it all I could was apologise as we were giving them each other that night!

  39. Paul clarke says:

    I once gave a female co-worker a large tube if sweets with 2 small oranges and wrapped them up. Looked a bit sinister all together. Still in the same job surprisingly as well.

  40. Becky Pitt says:

    Well, every year we hold a ‘tacky present’ competition with the in-laws. The gift wins by default if it is free or serves no purpose whatsoever. In the last few years we have been the proud owners of Mop Slippers, A Christmas Reindeer ornament with 3 legs, (one was missing), a plastic fish, a bottle of ‘It’s My Sake’ perfume, and Huge Boss’ aftershave, a framed picture of an electricity pylon and the best ever a snow globe with one flake of snow… Strangely though the mother in law often wins hands down and she doesn’t compete!!

  41. Lyndsey Brett says:

    When I was about 12, me and my mates didn’t have enough money to all buy each other presents so we decided to do a secret Santa instead.
    When I opened my secret Santa gift I couldn’t believe it. It was a (hideous) flowery T-shirt, that my friend had already worn several times in front of me. To make matters worse, it was 2 sizes too small and it totally ruined the point of ‘secret’ Santa, since I recognised the t-shirt from my friends wardrobe!
    Another memorable year was when received a pack of Pound Shop gel pens from my supposedly ‘best’ friend and a pair of large, grey, men’s socks from my aunty (why?!).

  42. Tracy says:

    My worst Christmas gift was from a ‘rather mean’ Aunty, who when I told her I was desperate for new bedding for Christmas, decided to buy me a ‘lovely new Duvet’! Unfortunately that Duvet was one of her ‘spares’ and came complete with Cat hairs and a ‘rather dubious’looking stain which smelt very much like ‘a certain brown substance that isn’t chocolate’, which my Aunt said was just down to the fact it was made of natural fibres that ‘had slightly different hues’ – she even insisted I try it on my bed for size!
    Pass me the bin…..

  43. jodie harvey says:

    me and my brother both work at the same place and we and a few others clubbed together to buy a box set of ‘everyone hates chris’ ….for out boss called CHRIS!! yes u guessed hes the worst boss possible, luckily he also has a sense of humour and thought we were all joking so we all still have our jobs

  44. fiona says:

    i got a towel one year, i have no idea why or who it was from but have to say it was the naff ist gift i,ve ever had !!

  45. Mrs e howe says:

    Hello, we have secret Santa at work, which I spend hours arranging to ensure everyone has a gift ( swapping name tags for those who didn’t bother etc) and every year my present is rubbish. Last year I got post it notes! and the year before nothing because my Santa couldn’t be bother to go out! Grrrrrrrrr!

  46. Naomi Allard says:

    Last year i had the most unusual present it was reading glasses and i didn’t need them as i can see ok


    Worst secret Santa gift I received was a plastic flower that was all bent out of shape and covered in dust in a brown plastic pot. It must have been at the back of a cupboard for years.

  48. Lisa Waugh says:

    We have a young looking man in our office who looks really baby faced and he was given a childrens toy laptop (my first laptop) for his secret santa it was hilarious.

  49. Michelle Weedall says:

    The worst secret Santa gift has to be when my husband received some “just for men” hair dye. He gets paranoid about going grey and someone must have picked up on it! It made me smile and I teased him about it all over Christmas.

  50. Kim says:

    Well I was unlucky enough to receive a posing pouch lol my gift had got mixed up with a male colleague called Kim lol in which they’d bought it as a joke gift…

  51. Emma Gallagher says:

    Worst secret Santa present was a ladybird storybook of Cinderellla as the nightclub I used to go to was called Cinderellas!!

  52. Lauren says:

    Worst santa present to got was a colour pencil set. But it wasn’t a “colours of the rainbow” set, all I got were 4 PENCILS in the set!

  53. Helen Cruse says:

    My first Job, – I was the junior in the bank. At Christmas Time names went in the hat, and I spent hours scouring the shop to find a suitable present for the Senior Accountant. Arrived the big Day – and there was my present under the tree. I was so excited. We all opened in turn. Me last because I was the newest. My silk scarf for the accountant had gone down well. My friend had received a bottle of her favourite perfume. I hesitantly opened mine to reveal in front of everyone, a 1lb bag of sugar, and 180 tea-bags. Cue much laughter…. One of the “lads” said, figured I’d get you something to practise with cause your tea is so bad!

  54. OLIVIA KIRBY says:

    i bought a tie from the poundshop with multicoloured ghosts on. well, i thought they were ghosts until someone said, ‘who bought the condom tie?’ errr, my red face gave me away. oops 😉

  55. KIERAN WALSH says:

    a desk set from (no name mentioned), quiet nice, but it had the name of the person, who gave it as a present the year before, (recycled present)

  56. Melanie Dye says:

    I once got a very odd secret santa gift at work, it was a single blue poly cotton pillowcase with half a dozen boiled sweets and a blue scrunchy (I had short hair at the time) inside it. I never found out who gave it to me and I can only imagine that whoever it was forgot to get anything and ran around their house at the last minute looking for stuff they thought might be sutable.

  57. Clare Robinson says:

    I once received a pack of batteries and an ant farm! We had decided to splash out on our secret Santa one year and were going to buy each other 2 items, something that the person needed and something that the person wanted. I got a pack of batteries because ‘everyone needs batteries’ and the ant farm because my secret santa decided that even though I HATE any kind of creepy crawlies and have never mentioned an ant farm in my life, I would love it! His reasoning was that it was cool and would match my newly decorated living room (the gel inside was red-like my curtains, the only item of red in my house.) He didn’t splash out on the ants too so I was expected to go digging for ants. Needless to say the gift didn’t get used (but the batteries did, he was right everyone needs batteries just not as a gift.)

  58. kim corke says:

    i got a pair of musical knickers, every time i sat down they played santa claus is coming to town, somebody thought it was highly hilarious but not me.

  59. Rikka Borst says:

    The worst secret santa gift I ever got was a tea towel, now why would any one want a tea towel as a christmas present?

  60. carol says:

    One year from my parents everyone recieved a dvd and a cd of their obvious fave singer/band and their fave show or film on dvd. My present was wrapped up n in a triangular box, which was not a cd or a dvd, no it was a “thigh toner” how insulted and gutted was i, never got over it its scarred me for life.

  61. Janine Atkin says:

    the worst secret santa pressie i ever gave was a stapler. But it was for a good reason. The colleage i gave it to was always nicking mine and not giving it back!!! win win for me

  62. Teresa Hewitt says:

    I received a ‘rainbow willy warmer’.

    Firstly, it had a (moth) hole in it, and secondly, I am a woman.

  63. Lexy law says:

    A new guy had started in our office in November, he was mega creepy. Im a total chocoholic and itwas no secret. When I opened my secret Santa I instantly knew it was from him! A huge chocolate penis! Seemed too good to waste so I broke it into bits soothe shape was unrecognisable and eat it while watch tv.

  64. Marian Coburn says:

    Well, I gave this to a work friend who has a great sense of humour- a lump of coal with a label attached by an elastic band that read “You’ve been very naughty!” She thought it was really funny and hasn’t figured out to this day who gave her it, hope she doesn’t read this lol! 🙂

  65. Emma says:

    I have got a colleague at work a pooing reindeer this year. It poo’s sweets! I think thts pretty lame! lol

  66. Fran Light says:

    The worst secret Santa present I ever received was a BIG interesting looking parcel, beautifully wrapped, that contained three tupperware boxes!
    I wouldn’t have minded if the boxes had been stuffed with sweets, but they weren’t, they were just empty boxes. Oh well, I suppose it could have been worse … they could have given me three empty margaine containers!

  67. Diane says:

    Worse gift EVER! I used to care for a lovely old guy and one Christmas he gave me a bag of brazil nuts. Lovely I thought as I tucked into them that evening. The next day he then told me how someone had brought him a box of chocolate covered brazil nuts but he wasn’t keen on brazils, so he’d sucked the chocolate off each one and given the nuts to me!!!! Pass the sick bag!!!!

  68. Karen Meades says:

    I had an out of date christmas pudding, there was 5 items on the list, one of which was a pudding. So I peeled the out of date sell by date off. Wrapped it up and gave it to my boss, hope she chocked !!!!!!

  69. Sheri Darby says:

    Worst secret santa gift – some squeaking boxers – why? who knows! It’s not like I’ve got an androgynous name like Leslie!!

  70. Kirsty Davidson says:

    I forgot about Secret Santa at my work one year so was frantically running around the house trying to find something for the next day. Fortunately, I found an unwanted porcelin child that was all boxed up and gave it to my secret santa. I still have no idea where I actual aquired the hideous model

  71. rachel says:

    without a doubt, the worst and therefore possibly my favourite ever present came from my Great Aunt when I was about 16yrs old. I was hoping for something grown up like some make up or jewellery. On Xmas morning I tore open the wrapping to reveal an instant shoe shining sponge (resplendent with a 10p Dr Barnados price sticker). It still makes me smile to this day, 25 years later!

  72. teresa says:

    I received only one christmas present from my x husband in tweleve years and that was a crochless pair of knickers in the most tacky material out and still to this day think they were second hand

  73. zoe lucas says:

    worset i eva brought was by mistake. I spent £60 on a joke snake and sock set for my step dad when it came through the post it was a thong and bra set :s turns out i clicked the wrong item. I think he saw the funny side to it worse thing was tho i got a email off the comapny after christmas sayign sorry i didnt recive my second item befor christmas but it would be with me the next day. I was hoping maybe i had read the site wrong and for £60 had brough a his and hers set but no yet again i was mistaken and when the postman came and i ripped open the packaging i found a few lwather items and as a sorry for the inconvieance a pair of fluffy pink handcuffs. Again wouldnt have been to bad But my stedad decided this morning he was goign to be in the kitchen when i opened the parcel. He still teases me about ordering stuff online . BAD BAD christmas present for a male:P:P

  74. Vicky Robinson says:

    My worst present was what looked like a lovely food hamper, except when I opened it & looked closer, the food was all out of date (like up to 10 years out of date!), the foods were really weird & very random & someone had already attempted to open the bottle of wine as it had a corkscrew hole in it! Absolutely nothing was useable so it all went in the bin! I am sure that someone just emptied all the junk out out of the back of their pantry!

  75. Leanne B says:

    The worst secret santa I received was one of the miniature port & single chocolate sets, why port I haven’t got a clue, I’ve never drunk port in my life! I’ve always considered Port an old persons drink – maybe they were trying to tell me something now I’m over 40? It’s still in my desk now – 2 years on….

  76. tina holmes says:

    haha the chef at my old work place alway used to whistle at the female staff all the time. So i got them these huge whistling lips, when someone walked past they used to go off.

  77. Malcolm Charlton says:

    Nothing says merry christmas like someone buying you in secret a box of brazil nuts, especially when its common knowledge around the workplace that you have a nut allergy!! to this day i do not know who pulled this prank!

  78. Michelle Murray says:

    The worst ever secret santa present I got was from a male colleague who bought me a mug so I could enjoy a nice cup of tea at my desk. It had my name on it so i could never lose it although when i looked closer at the mug he got me one with Michael on instead of Michelle!!!

  79. Karen Lowe says:

    I was given a pair of extra large pants with Merry Christmas on them. Soooo big me and 5 friends got into them. Was really upset as the guy ewho sent them was the guy I fancied at work. However after a few drinks he told me he brought them so large as I would slip out of them easly!!! Think I’ll stop the conversation there……..;)

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