For the repeat purchasers amongst you….

We are changing how our gift messages work to fit in with new requirements from trading standards. Inside each retro sweet gift will be a card with the products ingredients, weight etc. which will be put in amongst the sweets.

Gift messages will now be added on the outside of the Chewb in a clear label holder so the lucky retro sweet muncher can see who it is from before opening it. For those of you ordering gift boxes, jars or hampers, the gift message will be added in just under the lid as normal.

4 thoughts on “For the repeat purchasers amongst you….

  1. Chewbz Retro Sweets says:

    Hi Roz

    Thanks for your comment. The link you sent across is not a Chewbz product. We’ve noticed quite a few people are trying to copy the Chewbz design. The products don’t stack up in terms of quality and the sweet content is about half as much as you would get in a genuine Chewb.

    Don’t be tempted by any other sites, Chewbz is the original genuine article!

    Emily at Chewbz

  2. Del says:

    wow theese look cool sweeties…cant wait till my pennies come threw…i will deff be purchasing some…..will also do my o2 top up to see if i get a coupon…..I will be back!!!!

  3. Rose says:

    hello i’ve just bought the jar of sweeties with my o2 coupon hehehehe i’m counting the days until they come…… All my fav childhood sweets in 1 jar. Awesome!!!!!!

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