Chewbz Retro Sweets Sunshine Bus

Well, well, well… as if we weren’t getting enough bright happy colours from the Chewbz logo that we have painted over the warehouse wall we went one step further! That’s right, we ‘pimped our ride’!

The Chewbz ‘Sunshine Bus’ as it has become known is a work horse, well actually that’s not strictly true, it’s a play horse. It has ferried the Chewbz team across the country for various team outings. Recently seven ‘Chewbzters’ visited Longleat and just last Friday it was the taxi of choice for the Chewbz Mexican night. You may have seen it in Bedford Place, well you couldn’t have missed it!

The gleaming silver paintwork just didn’t cut it when the team piled in and demanded an exciting journey somewhere and thus, the idea to add the logo to the sides, back and front was born.

So, here are the pics so you can see for yourself. It certainly turns heads, in fact we were nearly responsible for a lady walking into a lamppost on the maiden voyage! It isn’t exactly subtle but then that isn’t the point!

If you spot the Chewbz Retro Sweets Sunshine Bus on the road give us a wave, a beep or at least a smile and we will throw some retro sweets at you… Yep, we have a load in the car just waiting to be eaten!

Enough… a picture paints a thousand words…

Side View Side View Front View

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