Chewbz brand new website!

We’re very excited to announce that, as of the start of next week, will have a brand new website!

The site will be full of all the funky Chewbz products you already love, plus our Christmas range and some brand new retro treats!

Our new site is all thanks to the extremely lovely, and hard-working team at Webfaced, who will be working through the weekend to make sure the new site is all ready to go. So a massive thank you to them!

Of course, they’ve got plenty of retro sweets to keep ’em going 🙂

We’re so excited for you to see the new home of funky retro sweets, and we think you’re going to LOVE  it.

Keep your eyes peeled retro sweet fans!

3 thoughts on “Chewbz brand new website!

  1. Anthony Taylor says:

    The new website looks fantastic – well done!

    I have just received my discount code for tomorrow so I will be ordering some sweets for my partner first thing :o)


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