A week in the life of Chewbz HQ!

It’s been a busy but exciting week at the home of your favourite retro sweets.

In just seven days the Chewbz team have:

  • Been through our entire supply of Love Hearts in the run up to Valentines. We even sent a whopping 16kgs out in one order :o. That’s a whole lot of retro sweet loving!
  • Taken in 6 pallets crammed with retro sweets, thankfully including lots of Love Hearts.
  • Sent a Gift Box full of Rosy Apples to one uber fan of boiled fruityness!
  • Consumed endless cups of tea and Vanilla Fudge.
  • Sent Hampers to France and Ireland for some very lucky Valentines. Along with helping to spread a lot of love to all of you that chose retro sweets for your sweet ♥.

Finally, we prepared 1, 800 (yes, really!) striped sweetie bags to help an extra special corporate client with a very exciting upcoming event. They all look lovely, and a big thank you especially to Chewbz Tanya for making this possible :).