A refreshing Retro sweet of the week!

Retro sweet of the week is back to brighten your Monday and give you the chance to win some more retro sweet greats!

To make up for our week away, we’re giving away a stash of one of the most popular fizzy treats ever!

PLUS this is a bumper treat, ‘cos this week one lucky winner will get their hands on…

Refreshers Hoff

FIFTY Refresher Rolls :O. Yep, that’s 50 tubes of green shiny deliciousness packed into a sweet gift box that even comes with the thumbs up from The Hoff. Retro-tastic!

If you fancy winning these 50 rolls of pastel coloured, sweet sherbety heaven then all you need to do is to leave a comment on this post.

As this weeks prize comes packed with such a mega amount of retro sweetness, we want to know- who would you share your Refresher Rolls with?

To be in with the chance of winning, make sure you leave your comment before 9am next Monday the 17th October. Our favourite comment will win the stash of sweets.

Good luck Chewbz fans!


Our lucky winner was Rebecca Coyne who delighted us with her amazingly sweet poem :). Congratulations Rebecca and a huge thank you to all the sweetie fans that took part!

204 thoughts on “A refreshing Retro sweet of the week!

  1. Alexis Stewart says:

    Refreshers are my fave, they’re fizzy on your tongue, they remind me of my childhood and how it was really fun!

  2. Lisa Marsh says:

    Mmmm yummy! I would share these with my husband & our 3 year old son who is yet to experience a fizzy refresher!!

  3. Steph says:

    I would share these with my mum – who introduced me to these amazing fizzy sweets! And with my boyfriend because I love him loads 🙂 pretty please can I have some? I never win anything x(

  4. Francesca says:

    Hiya guyz xx
    If i won this prize i wud share it with all my friends nd you guyz @ chewbz HQ haha we cud have a retro sweets party im taking drink, food nd music requests now!!!! b there or b square xxxxxx lov u’s u awsum xxxxx

  5. Emma Jones says:

    I would have to unfortunatly share them with my 4 kids, but would rather keep them all to myself! :Op these have got to be my favourite retro sweets ever! xxx

  6. lesley grayson says:

    I will share with my grandson it when he shares things from mine and his dads(my sons) childhoods!

  7. caron says:

    wow refreshers. . . Pink and fizzy. . .No wait. . Yellow and fizzy. . No no no green and fizzy. . . Oh I just love them all, you can’t just eat one, you have to munch the whole packet. . . . Mmmmmm refreshers xxx

  8. Mykila Gutkowski says:

    My son absolutely loves them, the sour the better. I bought a stripy top & my son says it reminds him of the packaging, always says “your wearing refresher today”

  9. Shelley Bird says:

    Ooooh Refreshers, that takes me back a bit!!! Please enter me, I promise I wouldn’t eat all FIFTY, I would share… You completely and utterly awesomely generous peeps 🙂

  10. Sam Ingamells says:

    Mmmmmmmm I lived on these when I was at school, I can remember going to buy a packet from the vending machine everyday, I’m sure these would help me relive my school days, and there’s even enough to share with my old school friends 😀

  11. tracy grieve says:

    love thses but what i esp love doing with them is taking a drink of fizzy juice when i eat a couple and my mouth explodes with bubbles and it great, plus i crush them up and mix them with cake mix and make cup cakes and they taste fabby mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

  12. Stephen Irving says:

    OOOH Refreshers, Rereshers

    Your fruity palette that sizzles upon my tongue
    Sweet days to remind me of when i was young
    i Know when i have you i feel alright
    Oh refreshers you bring me such sweet delight
    And so could i share these with my son
    Both our mouths will fizzle, be so much fun

  13. Marian Coburn says:

    I love Refresher’s mmmmmm! I have a secret stash in my car, don’t tell anyone! If I won this epic prize I would share them with everyone at my son’s karate club. They have a course and grading coming up and they’ve all been training so hard they deserve a wee treat. This has got to be your best giveaway yet! x

  14. Tracy Nixon says:

    OMG!!! I adored Refreshers when I was little – the yellow were my fave and I love the sort of tingly fizz they created in my mouth! You can COUNT ME IN for this comp!!!

  15. tracey TOLCHARD says:

    if i won i would share it with my daughter to show her what cool sweets we had when i was young!

  16. Paul Thomas says:

    I used to love refreshers! I would die for such a prize and would split the winnings between my lovely girlfriend and my climbing mates who all have a sweet tooth and refreshers will be the perfect energy boost for that superhard route….

  17. Caroline French says:

    I would share them with my refreshing little angel Lottie (my sweet 3 year old!). She would go mad for them as she hasn’t tried them before and would make a lovely girlie treat….NO BOYS ALLOWED! (sorry baby Toby and sweet toothed daddy!)

  18. Rebecca Coyne says:

    I would love to win these sweets as I loved them as a child
    The fizzy frutiness would really drive me wild.

    If I won 50 rolls of sweets, I would keep a roll or two
    But the rest of couse I’d share but the question is with who.

    First on my list would be my mum, as she bought me my first pack
    So I’d like to pay the favour back

    Then my little sis, who is jetting off real soon
    So needs a special treat to keep hidden in her room

    Then there is my brother, I’d share with him too
    I would let him have a pack, so he can try something new

    Then I guess I better let the other half have a try of my favourite childhood sweet
    And maybe let the in-laws have an extra special treat.

    And last but not least i’d share with a special girl and boy
    Just because even the little things, bring them so much joy.

  19. Beth says:

    I’d buy another 10 packs and use them as wedding favours!! Refreshers are my favourite!!!

    So in answer to the question, I’d share them with all the lucky people who are coming to the big day!

  20. HANNAH says:

    Amazing Prize!

    Even though I could devour fifty refreshers packets quiet easily and with little guilt at all, I still would have to share with my lovely boyfriend so that I could make him a happy bunny. Food is definitely a thing that makes him happy.

  21. Emma Holness says:

    I’d share them with my best friend, she bakes the best fairy cakes and I’m sure she’d remeber my generosity when she baked a new batch.

  22. donna says:

    i would love these to put in my retro goody gift bags i am making for my 80s themed 30th birthday party.

  23. Daniel says:

    I’m 32 years old, working 50 hours per week. Life is a grind and I miss the worry free days of being young…..

    Bring on the Refreshers!!!!!

    Wind back 20 years and make your tongue smile!

  24. KELLY says:

    awesome prize , i would share mine with hubby and kids , refreshers added to milk and ice crweam and blitzed makes amazing milkshake 🙂 yummy yummy

  25. Ann Mckenna says:

    I love refreshers. They really are the most refreshing sweets! First tried them years ago and still buy them now.

  26. FionaLynne Edwards says:

    Wow! I haven’t seen these for years! My daughter would love these – she really likes “retro” sweets.

  27. theresa says:

    what a perfect Birthday present. Bringing back my youth !!! x would share with my older friends !!

  28. Jill Jones says:

    I would take them into college and share them with my mates, I can see the queues already forming at the gates.
    I give out sweets as special treats to all from north and south and together we could spend the day frothing at the mouth. Haha.

    Love Refreshers

  29. Corinne Faulkner says:

    OMG I would love to win these simply because I can’t have children so feel silly buying these sensational sweets as a grown up adult – remember these sooo much from my childhood 🙂

  30. JoC says:

    Do I have to share? Oh go on then….I’d take them into work – where all the girls are on diets…what a shame heh? 😉

  31. Ian Torbitt says:

    mmmmm…it’s like a time machine on my tongue…summer days, kicking football with my mates….all comes flooding back…think I would have to call up all my old mates and share them (well a few packs )

  32. Debbie Connell says:

    I’m sooooo glad Refreshers are still around and my wee boy has had the chance to taste & love them! I remember my sister and I putting them in our fizzy drinks when we were young! I would share them with my son & my sister of course!!! 🙂

  33. ANNE BOSTWICK says:

    There are so many subjects I need to take a “Refresher” course in, but this one takes priority.

  34. sandy says:

    Not sharing with anyone, they’re mine all mine! And then I’ll be able to burp nursery rhymes to keep my baby happy… novel childcare ideas number 7 🙂

  35. Trudy says:

    They remind me of being young, and buying them and believing i would be in star wars, from an old advert.

  36. Jamie-Lee Norris says:

    Who would not like these. They fizz, explode an amzing flavour in your mouth and always make you want more and more. I would have problems sharing these with my husband they r so yummy x

  37. Ileana Fernandes says:

    what a mouth watering prize…. I would love to say I would share with family and friends… but honestly.. ITS ALL MINE!!!!!!!! haha <3

  38. Rachel says:

    Is it bad to suggest I’d try giving one to my cat to see what would happen? Other than that, I’d dish ’em out to my co-workers when they’re looking glum 🙂

  39. Jacquie Bennett says:

    Cor, reminds me when I was a kid (many, many, many years ago) buying these with my 10p pocket money, lush x

  40. K Beer says:

    This is an ACE prize.
    Would so love to win this for my dad, as he absolutely loves this and are hard to find of late.
    Pretty Please.

  41. Nicola says:

    These are my step-dads absolute BEST!

    Please let me win so I can get off from doing the dishwasher (if only for 1 night only…)

  42. michael oshea says:

    I fondly remember as a child putting a few refreshers in a can of coke to create a volcano. Even though i’m 40 now i would give it another go.

  43. keith mcgrouther says:

    plenty to go round so the nieces and nephews would get a few, of course i`d like some myself cant have the little ones rotting there teeth away and not me lol! and for comic value i suppose the dog could chew on one or two!! 😉

  44. donna frances says:

    i would love to share my 50 refresher rolls with my best friend who is like my twin so we can share share alike!!!!

  45. Sylvia Witham says:

    Refresher rolls – in all there’s fifty
    Now that’s a prize I think is nifty
    Enough to share with everyone
    To win this prize would be great fun

  46. James Petley says:

    I would love to win these blast from the past sweets!

    I would share these with my family for a real ‘Remember The Flavaz’ time!

    Our corner shop used to stock them but they went so quickly..

    Good Luck All! x

  47. Amy Watson says:

    Mmmm I love refreshers. I’d share them with my mum and dad. I’ll offer them ‘some’ anyway, even though they’d probably just rob them off me anyway lol.

  48. fiona mcbride says:

    I’d share them with my daughters who rarely have sweets as their mother is a health food freak who only buys sweets for a rare rare treat!!

  49. Mark Smithson says:

    Yummy yum yum
    The fizz on my tongue
    Refreshers take me back to the wonderful years
    The smiles and the kisses, the laughs and the tears
    Oh those days of my yesteryear

  50. NICOLA T says:

    I really want to say that i wouldn’t share them with anyone but if i won 50 packs then i’d probably end up taking some in to work to share

  51. Tina says:

    There once was a girl from old Bognor,
    who got fizzy sweets from the one stop!,
    With a Wizz and a BANG
    she would race through the town,
    but these days she gets them from Chewbz…


  52. John Lynch says:

    not exactly share, but I would hide them in my draw in the office and then use them as bargaining chips….


    I wouldn’t just scoff the lot…..promise!

  53. jane steels says:

    I would share them with my grandchildren,
    they remind me of when I was young and used to go to the Saturday morning pictures……. used to let them sizzle on my tongue while watching the matinee .

  54. Tracy MacDonald Grant says:

    OhMy, amazing, if i won i suppose i’d have to share them with the kids, or i could hide in a cupboard and eat them all myself xxxx

  55. Gillian says:

    Love these sweets but I wouldn’t share them I would just give them all to my mum as she loves them and deserves them more than me

  56. Holly Acamon says:

    I’m making my own “Sweet Buffet” for my wedding and these are going in it!
    I LOVE them to bits!

  57. Kim Carberry says:

    I love them!! I would have to share them with my 2 girls though….Introduce them to the awesomeness of Refreshers!!

  58. nikki says:

    I’d share mine with gary Barlow!!!! ans seeing as thar is NOT going to happen (big sigh) i guess i’ll have to eat them ALL myself!! lol.

  59. Anii says:

    I love these sweets.
    They leave a refreshing taste in your mouth, leaving you wanting more!
    I would share mine out with the family at christmas, giving them each a special little packet in their presents!

    Share share, thats fair!
    😀 xx

  60. Belinda Hendry says:

    when iwas younger i used to put these in water and then drink it didnt taste much but then again i was only a bab luv these sweets so much

  61. Rebecca Thomas says:

    My other half – for doing so much housework, cooking and shopping while I study for my exams… couldn’t do it without him!

  62. Victoria W says:

    I would share with my brother and sister who always tell me the story about when they were younger and bouncing on a bed whilst eating refreshers – they were bouncing so much that refreshers fell out of their mouth and made a mark on the crisp new bed clothing!

  63. Vicki Spence says:

    I would suggest that I was willing to share them with my husband, but then eat them in front of him just to wind him up.

  64. Abby P says:

    I’d share them with my entire family as they are amazing and supported me no end in the past few weeks as my husband and I have complications with our unborn baby!! They are the best thus deserve the best fizzy treat!

  65. Tracey Boswell says:

    I would share with my other half as we both remember them as being one of our favourites x

  66. Cindy Gillespie says:

    What a SWEET prize. I would share with all my friends and we could reminisce about our old school days, probably playing some David Cassidy and Osmond songs while we do lol

  67. emma cella says:

    Would so love to win this for my dad, as he absolutely loves this and are hard to find of late.

  68. Kelly Dawe says:

    My sister ate hundreds of packets of these when she was pregnant. Would be a great blast from the past.

  69. Tracie Hudson says:

    I love these sweets so much and if I won I’d share them with all of my friends- just to make their lives a little sweeter.

  70. Ami Pilbrow says:

    I would share them with my daughters friends – they would make brilliant additions to party bags for upcoming birthdays!

  71. michelle says:

    Share? Share refreshers? No will never ever happen! They’re mine, all mine…….
    Well ok maybe, just maybe I would let my sister have one or two tubes of them, I couldn’t possibly eat that many tubs on my own (well I probably could but I’m sure I’d regret it).

  72. Robyn Clarke says:

    We moving at the end of the month, so I’d have a Refresher House Warming Party and share with all my family and friends

  73. tina lockett says:

    I am not sharing them with anyone, I have been on a diet for four months and reached my goal weight, what a way to celebrate lol but dont tell the slimming club!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  74. annette hanley says:

    Would love to share these sweeties with my family it would be like being a little girl again .

  75. Lindsay Taylor says:

    I’d share my refreshers with no-one
    Cos it’s my favorite sweet
    I’d hide them in my wardrobe
    Where nobody dares to peek
    I’ll sneak them roll by roll
    from their hiding place
    find a secret spot
    And then stuff my face!

  76. Alexander Smith says:

    I would love to win these. I couldnt eat all 50 packs on my own though… well I could but you know what I mean, but I know that my Dad and Brother, my partner and step daughter would happily help me to fight my way through 50 packs 🙂

  77. Cara says:

    I wouldnt share them with anybody!! I would be really greedy and eat them all myself because I love them!! :o)
    Plus my husband doesnt like them so it doesnt make me feel so guilty!

  78. Judith Luscombe says:

    Aww, Refreshers reminds me of my primary school days when you could buy a packet for about sixpence. I used to call into the corner sweet shop with my pocket money and buy them on the way to school, I was always very popular at playtime.

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