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Sweet Favourites

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Sweet Favourites

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Bag Treat Jar Gift Jar
Bag: A traditional pink & white striped bag containing 200 grams of your favourite retro sweets
Treat Jar: A cool tilted cookie-jar with a silver lid, cram-packed with fantastic retro sweets
Gift Jar: A large clear plastic tub with a red lid, bursting with mouth-watering retro sweets
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Our Sweet Favourites Gift box has our largest selection of all your childhood sweet favourites.

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Our Sweet Favourites Box contains 75g Dolly Mixture, 75g Jelly Beans, 75g Fried Eggs, 75g Cola Bottles, 75g Shrimps, 75g Milk Bottles, 75g American Hard Gums, 75g Giant Bananas, 75g Wine Gums, 75g Love Heart Jellies, 5 Aniseed Twists, 5 Assorted Toffees, 5 Butterscotch, 5 Chocolate Limes, 5 Everton Mints, 5 Humbugs, 5 Rhubarb and Custards, 5 Rosy Apples, 5 Sherbet Lemons, 5 Strawberries and Cream, 4 Fruit Salads, 4 Black Jacks, 3 Chocolate Footballs, 3 Flying Saucers, 3 Tubes of Rainbow Dust, 3 Anglo Bubbly Bubble Gum, 1 Candy Stick, 1 Candy Watch, 1 Double Lolly, 1 Drumstick Lolly, 1 Fizzer, 1 Flump, 1 Love Hearts, 1 Parma Violet, 1 Rainbow Drops, 1 Sherbet Fountain, 1 Giant Refresher Chew Bar, 1 Traffic Light Lolly, 1 Refresher Chew, 1 Fun Gums, 1 Fruit Lolly, 1 Candy Whistle, 1 Candy Necklace, 1 Stinger Mini Chew Bar.


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